‘Sister Wives’ Season 7 in for a Rough Ride as Cracks in Polygamist Family Starting to Show!

TLC has yet to announce the premiere date for Season 7 of its popular American reality TV series “Sister Wives” but reports have it that the show would be in for a rough ride as cracks in the Brown polygamist family are starting to show.

After the 18th and last member of the Brown family was born last month, the second child of Kodi Brown and Robyn Sullivan Brown, the dynamics in the Brown household has considerably shifted.

Kodi spends more time now with Robyn and their new baby girl, leaving the three spiritual wives Meri, Janelle, and Christine figuratively and literally out in the cold. In fact, reports now also have it that all the three spiritual wives have their respective one foot out of the door of the polygamist relationship, cites Starcasm.

Thus, it would be interesting to find out if the polygamist family would still be whole when Season 7 of “Sister Wives” returns to the small screen later in the year.

Escalating the tension

The tension within the Brown polygamist family began after first wife Meri Brown got involved in a catfish scandal in the summer of last year, which was shown during the previous season.

Meri has been very vocal about her wish to separate herself from the polygamous marriage. Her sentiments have also trickled to Christine and Janelle.

A source privy to the Brown family says that it is hard to say that the Browns are still a polygamist family because it has just been Kody and Robyn who are really together at this point. The Brown patriarch no longer spends time with his three other spiritual wives.

According to reports, Janelle and Meri would be planning their graceful exit both from the polygamist family and the show starting in the upcoming season. Janelle has been talking about focusing on her real estate career full-time. The same source hinted that these developments could be the end for the Brown polygamist family.

Not true

Kody used to always brag that he would go stay with a different wife each night. But that does not mean that they were doing anything while in the bedroom. He has not had a child with anyone as of late besides Robyn, details the Inquisitr.

According to the insider, the upcoming season of “Sister Wives” shall focus on Kody and Robyn’s new baby.

The latest addition to the polygamist Brown family, the second child of Robyn and Kody, was supposed to be born on January 7 but more than five days have passed from the due date, the baby girl has yet to come out in the world.

The baby girl is the 18th member of the Brown family and reports have it that Robyn’s latest pregnancy and the littlest girl in the house shall be the focus of “Sister Wives” Season 7.

The excitement of Robyn over her supposed delivery last January 7 was all over social media when she tweeted that they are all ready to meet baby sister. She also added in her post that she is trying to be patient but can’t wait to see her baby girl’s sweet face.

After January 7, Robyn once again tweeted that her baby girl seems to be prolonging the suspense for the polygamist family.

The baby is expected to be the latest star in “Sister Wives” Season 7 and the attention of Kody would be further focused on her and her mother, which has reportedly been causing dissension with the three spiritual wives.

Sister Wives Season 6

Because of the situation, there are speculations that the three women would soon be leaving Kody and the show not just because of the lack of attention that they have been getting from their common husband, but also on the way he treats each one of them.

Reports seem to confirm that Season 7 of “Sister Wives” will mostly be all about Robyn and that will heighten further with the birth of her baby girl, who is expected to bash on the spotlight of the TV show.

The seventh season shall also focus on the custody battle between the Browns and Robyn’s ex-husband for their three kids.

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