Sister Wives Faces Cancellation If Kody Brown Marries Two New Women, Brown Family Files Request In Supreme Court

Season 7 of Sister Wives saw a lot of drama in the Brown family. The season was a huge success, but it didn’t do so well for the family life of the Browns. The family was severely affected by Meri’s catfish episode, and reports suggested that Kody wasn’t happy with his four wives.

Sister Wives Season 6 saw Kody divorce Meri Brown to legally marry Robyn. Meri decided to sacrifice her marriage to help Robyn in her custody battle. While it was Meri’s decision to divorce Kody and become one of his spiritual wives, she went through depression seeing Kody and Robyn happily married.

During this time, she started getting drawn to a stranger online. Despite her daughter’s warning, Meri went ahead and ended up being betrayed by the individual. The incident left her devastated, and she shared her harrowing experience with the family only during the tell all episode during Season 6 finale.

It looks like Kody isn’t happy with his four wives. He thinks that they aren’t supportive of his decisions. He is thinking of taking two news wives. Neither his family and nor friends approve this decision of his.

Season 7 of Sister Wives made it clear that none of Kody’s wives are supportive of his decision. Even TLC has threatened cancellation of Sister Wives if Kody Brown marries.

Kendra Pollard, a close of the Brown’s has revealed that TLC isn’t pleased with Kody’s whimsical decisions. The patriarch doesn’t share a good relationship with the family. The polygamous lifestyle needs time to get used to. The viewers are accustomed to the Brown family after six seasons, but changes in it aren’t going to be acceptable.

Pollard revealed that the whole Brown family runs on the paycheck from TLC. If Kody doesn’t behave himself, then they will lose their source of sustenance. Kody has become hungry for power following the success of Sister Wives.

Kody has stopped caring for his current wives. He feels that he will make the show interesting by adding two new young wives. He wants to marry Robyn’s niece and the baby nanny, Mindy Jessop. Kody is looking for new wives to settle down with for over a year. Kody wants to go for someone who is young, around 19 or 20-years-old.

Robyn has threatened to divorce him if Kody decides to take two new wives. Kody’s spiritual wives, Meri and Christine, have also decided to move on. So far only Janelle hasn’t talked about leaving Kody, but she is expected to change her decision soon enough. The family is in a mess, no matter how hard they try to portray their perfect life on Sister Wives.

Kody Brown and his family have been crusading for the polygamous lifetime for a while now. Yahoo! News reported that the family filed a request to the U.S Supreme Court. They asked for the court to legalize polygamy in Utah. Utah is anti-polygamous and was the reason for the family to shift to Las Vegas.

Sister Wives

The family is originally from Lehi, Utah and they had to leave their home there in 2011 since the authorities started investigating them. TLC’s Sister Wives brought them into the limelight, and they caught the attention of the legal authorities. The Brown family had to move to escape prosecution.

Utah’s anti-polygamy law doesn’t allow cohabitation with multiple partners despite being legally married to only one woman. The Brown family got a victory in court. The judge ruled that Utah’s polygamy law violated polygamists’ right to religious freedom and their privacy according to the fundamentalist Mormons.


  1. Just think… this show was all about promoting how the four wives with one man was so fabulous… only to find out a few years later…. errr…. it’s a complete failure.

  2. Kody has always lusted after younger women and thinks he can relive his youth through younger wives. The current wives are granny aged, even the youngest, Robyn. They make him unhappy, making him feel old around them. Christine, Meri, and Robyn are upset over Kody’s cravings for young wives, but Janelle is fine with it and even encourages Kody to fullfill his desires to do what is most enjoyable for him. Janelle has started a new venture, STRIVE with Janelle, to keep her mind off the family discord. Meri has been marginalised since the surprising details of her outside romance- affair became public knowledge though the news media and Amazon book sales. Robyn is all about the dollar signs in her eyes and Christine feels betrayed.

  3. So sad in my opinion. Still these women continue to choose to stay so who are we to say anything. Personally though I wish janelle would leave. I really dislike Robyn and Cody. I think sadly Christine isn’t strong enough to leave.

    1. Kjn, how right you are in stating that Christine is not strong enough to leave because she has been brainwashed her whole life. Even her children advising her to leave will not have an effect on her inability to so for the good of herself and her children. She has an engrained unreasonable fear of the outside world away from Polygamy. Kody has continuously strived to reinforce this phobia in her and has been very successful at doing so. Robyn, Janelle and of course Meri have seen through his self serving efforts, but Christine remains a true believer. Irregardless of Kody’s actions, Christine will cling to him and Polygamy no matter what happens, until he potentially discards her, even then she will unsuccessfully beg and grovel at his feet to be allowed to stay. There is no hope that Christine will ever see and understand the truth and that’s so sad for her and even more sad for her children.

  4. Many people blame Meri for the cancellation. That’s not far or true, it ultimately all comes back to Kody’s actions or inactions. He is responsible for isolating Meri, making her feel feel lonely and wishing for someone in her life to care just about her. Robyn was a big part in Meri’s downward spiral. Fans have never warmed up to Robyn and especially Kody, whom the see as a spoiled selfish immature boy who never grew to be a real man. With TLC money terminated Robyn will be anxious to separate herself and her children from the negativity of the of the panicked group. Christine has no worries now about Kody getting more and younger wives, he can’t afford the ones he has now. The only ones that will be with him in a year or two are Janelle and Christine, which will suit Christine just fine.

  5. Desperation and panic seem to be driving Robyn’s urgent need to divorce Kody and begin a new life free from the confines of Kody’s polygamist shackles. What seemed like a opportunity of a lifetime to join the Browns and become a star on a new reality TV program has turned into a nightmare for the mother of five. To complicate matters more, two of her beloved children she shares in common with Brown. Allegedly Kody’s demands and irrational behavior have become intolerable to her and she needs to leave with her children.

  6. Lmao… good job i say!! Robyn was so smug when meri decided to divorce kodi…n so smug when she married him as his legal wife!! Parading round l ine shes the 1st wife n the most special. … plz bitch get a grip! U definately werent number 1 and u prob wont b the last!!

  7. Trying to justify and validate his Polygamy lifestyle and alleged manhood , Brown wants more wives added to his family. This clown is nothing but a joke. Cancellation! The dude is seen as an all time loser by almost everyone who’s seen the show in the past. Bye, bye!

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