Search Teams for Flight MH370 Discover 19th Century Shipwreck Instead of Missing Plane

Renewed hopes

Early in March this year, new reports came out that a Malaysian Airlines-branded hand towel that was still in its packaging found in a beach by a couple 200 kilometers north of Perth in Western Australia could actually renew hopes for the still ongoing search for the missing plane on the Australian coast.

But it turns out that the small paper towel with the Malaysian Airlines branding on it was discovered by Kingsley and Vicki Miller of the nearby town called Cervantes while they were walking on the beach as early as July 2014. It was subsequently sent to Canberra for testing.

At that time, officials of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau were already saying that it is unlikely that the towel might be of good use in finding the remains of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, some four months after its disappearance.

Relatives of the victims are worried that at the end of the expensive and very challenging operation and it still turned negative, they would be left in quandary as to what really happened to their relatives onboard the ill-fated flight MH370. Most of the passengers of the MH 370 were Chinese.

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