Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 and 9.7 Inch Versions to Aim for Title of Company’s Thinnest Tablet!

Even though we don’t yet know many official details about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8, there have been various rumors surrounding the device which paint it in a very positive light. If even half of those claims turn out to be true, it will be a very successful release on the Android market, and should prove to be good competition for other Android tablets.

One particularly interesting rumor that has come out recently is that the 9.7 inch version of the device will be just 5.5 mm thick, putting it in a competing spot for the thinnest tablet produced by Samsung to date. Unfortunately, the rumors also claim that the 8 inch version of the device will have to be made slightly thicker due to a different layout of the hardware on the inside, so it might not get the same claim to fame for its thickness like its bigger brother.

One rumor even put the 9.7 inch tablet’s width at 5.4 mm, but we don’t yet know the official specifications. The overall design of the device might be inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S6, meaning a metallic body and a glass back. That’s also still a rumor, but it’s a very likely one as there have been reports that the device has already been spotted in external testing and it matched that description.

It’s worth pointing out that if the tablet really does turn out to be 5.5 mm thick, it will not be the slimmest tablet by Samsung alone, but across the board as a whole. Dell’s Venue 8 7000 is the device that holds the top spot in this area at the moment, and considering that it’s 6 mm thick, the difference introduced by the Galaxy Tab S2 could be significant in terms of percentages.

The tablet is also claimed to come with a 4:3 aspect ratio for its screen on both the 8 and 9.7 inch versions, continuing a trend on the Android market which has been causing some controversy among users. In the end though, it seems to be for the better, and there’s definitely a lot of potential in 4:3 tablets as opposed to making everything exclusively widescreen.

samsung galaxy tab s2

BlackBerry even tried to push this idea to its limits, releasing a device with a square resolution, but that didn’t get the kind of reception the company was likely hoping for, despite the overall good characteristics of the screen and the phone itself. There haven’t been reports of other companies aiming for a similar design, but it wouldn’t be too strange to see another manufacturer experimenting with a square resolution on their own devices.

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