Samsung Galaxy S7 Leaked Photo Shows Device will be a Tough Competition for the Apple iPhone 7!

Rumors about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S7 has been afloat lately. Most likely, the device will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 which is scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain between February 22 to 25.

According to the famous tipster Evan Blass, the device will be available in the market by March 11, but some reports claim that the handset will be released sometime in April.

Phone Arena recently released a photo of a presentation slide. In the photo, three devices are shown labeled as the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy S7.

The website claims that an anonymous source has sent them the photo and that the nameless source claims to be a Samsung employee.

If the photo is indeed authentic, then it reveals that the upcoming handset is a 5.1-inch phone with a 1440-pixel display, a 12-MP Britecell camera, and 4GB of RAM.

Judging by the photo, it takes the design of the Galaxy S6, although it’s quite noticeable that the front-facing camera has a new position in the top right corner, and that the home button has a slimmer rectangular shape.

The SIM card slot has also moved further down the bottom edge of the phone. The volume buttons remain the same with the Galaxy S6, but the headphone jack has moved at the bottom of the phone.

Interestingly, the camera resolution has drop from the 16-MP quality of the Galaxy S6. However, while the Galaxy S7 will allegedly have a 12-MP camera, it will be packed with the f/1.7 lens which will let in more light.

Both the Snapdragon 820 and the Exynos 8890 chips are being mentioned in the slide photo which suggests that the Galaxy S7 may have one of the two SoCs inside it.

Before the alleged leak of the device, rumors have been surfacing that the South Korean tech company decided that the Galaxy S7 will remain similar to its predecessor in terms of design.

Judging by the photo, it’s safe to say that what’s shown in the slide photo won’t be far from the truth.

The tech giant is apparently gearing up to make their latest flagship phone a cut above the rest and something that will match Apple’s iPhone 7.

The Galaxy S6 was indeed one of the best phones of last year, but Samsung’s decision to drop the microSD card slot for extra storage disappointed a lot of users.

Expert Reviews UK reports that Samsung has decided to bring back the microSD card slot in the Galaxy S7. This also goes for the Galaxy S7’s curved companion, the Galaxy S7 Edge.

As for the Galaxy S7 Edge, rumor has it the device will have a 5.5-inch screen. It will also improve roughly 40% with regards to its battery capacity as it will jump from a 2600 mAH to 3600 mAH.

Galaxy S7 will reportedly be rated as IP67 dust and water resistant, a tough match for the Sony Xperia Z5. Reports also indicate that along with a more efficient processor, the device will have a longer battery life than its predecessor.

As per Forbes, the device will get a 20% larger battery than the Galaxy S6 as it jumps from 2550 mAH to 3600 mAH. This definitely changes the playing field if Apple doesn’t up the iPhone 7’s battery life.

When launched, it’s most likely that the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge will be running the latest Android operating system, Android Marshmallow.

samsung galaxy s7

Making the competition tougher between the tech giants, the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer will reportedly launch a smartphone upgrade program.

According to C/Net, the program would allow consumers to pay a monthly installment fee to lease a phone and then exchange it after 12 months for a new phone.

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