Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Didn’t Celebrate Their First Mother’s Day, Reveal the Reason!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes haven’t been parents for very long, and while many couples would be excited to celebrate their very first Mother’s Day in their position, it appears that these two aren’t so fond of the idea of celebrating, and won’t be making a big deal out of it, at least for this particular year. They’ve also decided to reveal the reason in a recent interview, satisfying the curiosity of many of their fans.

According to Eva Mendes, the main reason is that she simply doesn’t feel like she’s “earned her stripes” yet, as she hasn’t been a mother for that long. Her daughter is still 7 months old, and she doesn’t consider herself to be a “true” mother at this point, though we’re not sure what specific aspect of her motherhood she was referring to.

On one hand, it’s possible that she might want to wait a little longer for her daughter to grow up more before she starts celebrating the holiday – on the other, she may be waiting for a specific event to occur before she considers herself a true mother to her daughter. In any case, the couple have decided to skip the celebrations for this year, and have apparently focused on spending time with each other and enjoying their company instead, according to sources.

Eva Mendes still intended to celebrate the holiday, though for another person – her own mother. She revealed to the press that she had prepared a lot of gifts for her, and she wanted to honor her as much as possible. She added that her brother’s sickness has made the situation even more complicated and has added to the troubled nature of her family, pushing Mendes to truly realize that her mother needs her help right now.

The actress has been handling her motherhood quite well since she gave birth to her daughter, and she has recently revealed that the added responsibilities and trouble that comes along with the title don’t really bother her. She apparently doesn’t mind having to get up in the middle of the night to feed her child, and is actually enjoying the whole situation, hoping to raise a good daughter with a proper attitude to the world.

eva mendes and ryan gosling

But there’s a lot of time for that – for now, she’s focused on the baby’s basic needs and showering her with the love and affection she deserves. It looks like she’s doing a great job, and Ryan Gosling is likely adding to that as well, even though we haven’t been hearing his name too much in her interviews.

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