Rockstar Games Considering the Entire US as Location for ‘GTA 6’

After the idea was broached and reported by a motoring site, other internet news sites have jumped on the bandwagon and have since solicited many personal views, most of them positive.

Gamers and fans of “GTA” believe that it’s an idea that Rockstar Games should start looking into while currently in the development of the video game because the 70s culture is quite suited for the mafias, which usually features collaboration between corrupt government officials and private businesses owned by the mafias.

Even fans in forums have shared that they really liked the idea of 70’s culture, as it was best suited for the mafias because it includes all the corrupt government and all businesses owned by the mafias.

In addition to the chatter about the possible new location or locations for “GTA 6,” also going around heavy on the rumor mill as early as March is that the video game will finally have a female protagonist in order to bring the game a new level of excitement.


  1. Well, we could have endless hours of fun driving a truck down Route 66 from Las Vegas to Missouri, instead of spraying people’s guts all over the floor using a hydra. 80% of the map will be useless. People will just stay in the major cities like Los angeles, New York, Miami etc…

    I’m not saying I don’t like the idea, but sometimes a map can be too big.

    1. It’s only a matter of supply & demand. If they can generate the interest with taking the GTAV modeling & improving the physics the demand might be there. Example, you could set aside certain area for military ops and take over ARMA 3’s following. Fix air physics and be the next flight simulator for both civil & fighter aviation. Perhaps even some area could be made available for open source modeling. You could have the house you grew up in be a place in the GTA world.

      Build it & they will come.

  2. More missions probably.. and most likely the map is like in GTA IV.. at least 3 cities or larger map than GTA V.. We like to have more Weapons to choose.. An inventory system and would be better if there are Perks like Skill upgrade system..

  3. I like the idea that it should be the entire U.S. Id like it to be mostly in Arizona , California, and Vegas i also would like gun customization and being able to buy house like san andreas and owning pets i dont care about online i care about single player it shouod be interesting like having more than 1 freaking military base and it should have huanted houses make the game interesting like yoy always have

  4. And also it should have more easter eggs i enjoy those. Oh and splits screen like in san andreas and you should have combat training like in san andreas and more stores if your gonna make buildings make them accessible because from all the Gta games 40% were accesible which is wtf. Oh and finally add Arizona

  5. Whole us great idea. It would be great if we started as teens and grew up. If we could dig and build changing buildings and weapons and clothes. Way more customizable aspects of cars. Cops that are alerted by excessive speeding. Enter most buildings. I would love some long hual truck missions with tons of smack. Excape the feds by going to mexico and getting messed with by cartels. Being able to have different dialogue with npc characters. Sell drugs. Mix minecraft all of gta and skyrim. With the us as a map. We would all love it. The city folk. The big map people. Everybody. Make making ill gotten gains easier and much more diverse. The customization and dialogue options of skyrim and us map size, buildable similar to minecraft, and all the great aspects of past gta it will be best game ever made.


  7. Chicago would offer seasonal snow and also be a new location for a gta game.

    The use of multiple cities in multiple countries like ” Driver 3″ could be interesting.

    What ever the location i just hope R* responds to requests for more interiors and that all interiors are open out of missions and not locked or not rendered out of a mission, So the does not like interiors guy needs to go.

  8. You should let the player get a job any where on the map like a local store and you should put White swan W,A and Toppenish W,A and Wapato W,A Yakima W,A

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