Reign Season 4 to See Queen Mary Eventually Being Beheaded by Queen Elizabeth for Posing a Threat to the English Crown, More Details

But according to supposed insiders of the show, the reason why “Reign” Season 4 release date was pushed back is because the TV series does not want to air at the same time that “Game of Thrones” is airing on HBO.

It could be recalled that most of the second half of “Reign” Season 3 aired on The CW about the same time when “Game of Thrones” Season 6 was airing on HBO. While the shows do not have the same timeslot at that time, period dramas always try to avoid the hit fantasy drama because of its dominant status in the TV realm.

One other major indicator that is causing fans to worry and assume that Season 4 is going to be the last for “Reign” is when the show was only given a 16-episode order, which is six episodes short of its first two seasons, and two episodes less than its third year.

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Reign” had 22 episodes apiece. The third season had 18 episodes. So it is the first time for the TV series to air with less than 18 episodes in one season and the cut-back is sending mixed signals to fans.

However, if the TV series picks up the slack in its ratings in Season 4, there are also rumors saying that The CW will surely not be hesitant to give the show a renewal for a fifth season.

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