Pokemon Z Fans Want to See Specific Details in New game!

The “Pokemon” franchise has gone through a lot, and some of the games released under it have become iconic in the industry. Because of this, it’s really no surprise that so many people are firmly focused on the upcoming “Pokemon Z”, and there is a lot of talk among gamers about what the game should be like and what kinds of features they want to see. Of course, it’s impossible to please everyone as there are lots of differing opinions in that community, but there are definitely some interesting ideas out there that could work out if implemented properly.

A proper saving system is something that the franchise has been in dire need of for some time now, and fans are pretty unanimous in their hopes that the developers are going to revise their approach here for the next installment. It shouldn’t be that hard to bring the save system of the game up to date with modern standards, and there are even certain things that can be done that would be relatively unique to the franchise itself and would make saving even more convenient.

Another thing that many fans would be interested in, judging from discussions as well as publications, is more emphasis on the story. Sure, there has always been a relatively nice storyline in most “Pokemon” games and there is always something for players to follow and explore, but this new game really has the potential to push that trend forward and let gamers go on a true adventure and explore exciting worlds.

It’s also obvious that people want to see a lot more content in the game as a whole, especially after it’s been released. This is mostly an effect of the way the industry has been developing lately, with a lot of attention being paid to developing new content for games and expanding them further, as modern technology allows developers to do that much more easily.

And because of this, people have been dreaming of various post-release updates for “Pokemon Z” that could add even more options for them to play around with. If this game is successful on its launch, we can definitely see the developers wanting to pay more attention to it in the long run and adding even more content to it as time goes by. That will also be something that benefits the franchise as a whole, as it’s not rare for gamers to become interested in previous installments after they’ve become familiar with the latest installment of a certain franchise.

But there is still time until then, and from one point of view it’s actually a bit strange that fans are already talking about post-release content. After all, they should be concerned with what the main title is going to bring to the table. And considering how secretive Nintendo have been about its development, there isn’t really that much to discuss in that department.

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There are currently some rumors that gamers will get to find out more about the development progress in an upcoming issue of “CoroCoro Magazine”, the one in December to be precise. So far this isn’t very concrete and it might turn out that it’s just a small information release without much substance to it, but we’ll see what happens once the next month rolls around. Nintendo would definitely be smart to pay some attention to the promotion of the game right now though, as people are watching quite closely from all sides, not just long-time fans of the “Pokemon” franchise.

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