Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Orlando Bloom Will Reprise Role as Will Turner

After a good deal of speculation and rumors about the appearance of Orlando Bloom in the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell no Tales”, it’s finally been confirmed that the actor is taking part in the production. It’s the first time Bloom will be appearing in a film from the franchise for quite a long time, which of course has made fans very excited. The film is starting to get better and better with each official announcement that we hear in general, too.

The film’s shooting phase is already completed and the picture is in post-production now, while Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has been entertaining his fans at public events with them. Emotions seem quite high about the new production, and it looks like many people’s dreams are about to come true, as a lot of fans have been waiting for this sequel very excitedly.

It should be noted that we might see some drastic changes in the personality of Will Turner – and possibly other characters too – as the new film will likely shift the plot around a bit and redefine some of the things that we’ve gotten used to. Not just in their personalities, but appearances too – something which Bloom himself hinted at some time ago.

The last we saw of Will Turner was a bit of a tragic turn of events, as his character was forced to become the captain of the Dutchman and was bound to it permanently. This severed his relationship with his family, although there were hints of a reunion that takes place many years later. This will likely play into a specific part of the franchise’s lore, according to which the captain of the Dutchman does actually have a chance to leave his ship, but only once in ten years.

And that has actually been a major point of speculation for some fans, and something that has been tickling their curiosity quite a lot – are we going to see Will Turner briefly meeting up with his wife and son, or is he planning something much more dramatic to escape from the Dutchman’s clutches for good?

Rumors about the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” claimed that Orlando Bloom was spotted on a set that included the Dutchman itself, which gave hope to many fans that the story will revolve around the ship in some way. We don’t know the exact details yet – and Bloom himself has been quite tight-lipped out of respect for the production – but whatever the writers have planned for his character, it’s starting to look very interesting.

With various fan-favorite characters returning – including the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow himself – and rumors that paint a very interesting picture for the plot, we certainly can’t wait to see what “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” is going to bring to us. There is still quite a bit of time before the film’s ready, so fans should brace themselves for a bit of a wait, but if most of the rumors we’re hearing turn out to be true, it should be well worth it.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Currently, “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” is scheduled for release on July 7, 2017 – the film will need to spend quite some time in post-production before it’s ready, but that’s not rare for installments in this franchise. Now that the shooting itself has wrapped up though, we expect to start hearing some interesting details about the film’s plot sooner or later.

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