Outdaughtered, returns for Season 3 in TLC, surprises and mishaps

The Quints are back! Adam and Danielle Busby with their quintuplets, adoringly called the “quints”, and their 6-year old daughter, Blake, return for the third time in a whole new season of Outdaughtered on TLC that premiered last July 11.

Terrible Twos is a difficult time for almost all parents. Well, how would you feel if you have to take care of five infants turning to two year olds? In Season 3 of the reality show, Adam and Danielle struggle to maintain their pact together organized and well-behaved. Especially now, they have to face problems that mostly include potty-training.

Outdaughtered follows the story of two parents from Texas with the first-ever female quintuplets. It also includes their eldest daughter Blake. The Quints names are Hazel Grace, Ava Lane, Parker Kate, Olivia Marie and Riley Paige. The kids were born in Houston on April 2015.

The trailer of this season highlights the Quints’ transition into toddlerhood. This is usually the time when the kids start to explore and grows in many ways. So you can expect a lot of surprises.

It is already difficult to potty-train one child. Imagine doing it with five children, all curious, excited and erratic most of the time. Fans definitely anticipate more cuteness from the toddlers.

In the trailer of the third season, the couple prepares for the upcoming eye appointment of Riley. It wasn’t clear yet if she’s going to have surgery but Danielle was in tears! Also, Adam is seen to be conversing with a therapist probably worrying about the child and the responsibilities of having six daughters all at once.

The family has an indoor cycling business that needs to be worked on. Aside from that, this season might portray the couple’s personal aspirations and how they are going to pursue it with their hands full. But in an interview, Adam didn’t hesitate to say that raising his daughters remain to be his main priority despite having a full-time job at petrochemical sales.

He added, “It’s a huge responsibility being a dad of a little girl. Instilling confidence in her and truly showing her how her future husband, her future boyfriend, should treat her – and teaching her not to accept anything less than that. That’s my mindset every day.”

“Dawn of the Terrible Twos” is the title of the first episode. The Busbys would definitely be busier than ever! Danielle plans a romantic Valentine’s dinner for her and Adam. Let’s see what commotion will happen in the premiere because things didn’t go well as planned. In Episode 2, Danielle attempts to potty-train the kids with not-surprisingly disastrous results.

In the course of the season, it would probably highlight the Quints toddler behavior, temper tantrums, etc. Blake would start kindergarten which is a big milestone for the family. This is really an incredible family to watch out for.

The Busby couple started on Youtube channel, “It’s A Buzz World” with now more than 168k followers. They release a outdaughteredvideo every week to update fans of their lives. Each video has almost 1 Million hits!

They also have a blog with the same title in Youtube with also a lot of readers every day. From Youtube, the family transitions into TV in 2016 with the first season of Outdaughtered.

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