‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 4 is Going to Push the Envelope for the TV Series, Says Actress Laura Prepon!

Less than two months to go before the Season 4 premiere of the American comedy-drama TV series “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix, fans are getting quite anxious and excited, with some of them continuously digging on whatever information they can get about the show online.

Actress Laura Prepon, who plays Alex Vause in the TV series, says that Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black” will push the envelope for the show.

Prepon also confirmed during the same interview that her character will come back in the upcoming fourth season well and alive.

She says that she can’t give away any spoilers about the upcoming season but she hinted that the way it was written, nothing will be taboo for showrunner Jenji Kohan, details the Christian Today.

The actress also says that the TV series will continue to drill down to the truth of a character, or a situation, or a circumstance and in some cases, lots of makeups shall help in those situations.

New prisoners, new plotlines

During the Season 3 finale of “Orange is the New Black,” several busloads of new prisoners were seen arriving at Litchfield Penitentiary, which means that the next season will have new characters which mean new plotlines too, cites Popsugar.

It has also been confirmed recently that actress Jolene Purdy has been tapped to play a recurring role in Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black.”

Though the production team refuses to say anything about the character that Purdy will take on, what is certain is that she will play as a new inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Focus of the fourth season shall also be on the love triangle among Alex Vause, Piper, played by Taylor Schilling, and Stella, played by Ruby Rose Langenheim. It remains to be seen whether Alex will still stick with Piper’s side or watch on the sidelines as Stella makes her revenge.

New excitement

Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black” is less than two months away from premiering on Netflix but the popular show has already been creating buzz online ever since its Season 3 finale last year.

The latest excitement about the show came from actress Kate Mulgrew, who plays Red on “Orange is the New Black,” when she recently said in an interview that fans need to buckle their seatbelts, alluding that it would be a thrill ride for them in the upcoming fourth season.

Mulgrew disclosed that series creator Jenji Kohan will be scrutinizing the prison system like it has never been examined before.

The actress made the revelation while at a Netflix event in Paris. She also added that there will be a lot of usual laughs like the show has been known for but everyone must buckle their seatbelts because there will be some interesting turns along the way.

Mulgrew also said that the fourth season of “Orange is the New Black” is going to be darker and that fans will be very surprised how dark the show can get. But nonetheless, the actress said that fans would be wholeheartedly engaged and they will also be riveted to the show’s fourth season.

While “Orange is the New Black” is about to premiere only its fourth season on June 17, Netflix has already extended the show up to Season 6 as early as February, indicative of how confident and popular the show has become on the streaming service.

Orange is the New Black

Mulgrew also confirmed the great future of the show because of Jenji Kohan. She says that everyone really finds it a great pleasure to be working with Jenji and like everyone else, she also looks forward to more of “Orange is the New Black.”

Meanwhile, Selenis Leyva, who plays Gloria in the series, says that the upcoming 13 episodes of Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black” is going to feature the rise of the Latinas.

In addition, the Latina actress also said that the show will be showing tons of shocks, twists, turns, and cliffhangers along the way.

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