‘No Man’s Sky’ Will Enable Gamers to Explore the World Without End

The upcoming adventure video game “No Man’s Sky” on the PlayStation 4 and the PC has yet to have an official release date but gamers are already talking about it which only builds the momentum of excitement for it.

Developed by British studio Hello Games, “No Man’s Sky” will let virtual travellers explore 18 quintillion full-featured planets, which makes the game truly a world without end.

It shall feature a procedurally-generated open universe with players being free to explore and upgrade their character’s weapons and purchase a variety of starships.

The game was announced by Sony as early as June of last year during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2014 as exclusive initially to the PlayStation 4. It will eventually be launched to the Microsoft Windows.

The game is about exploring

Hello Games lead developer for “No Man’s Sky” Sean Murray says that the game is about exploring that is why it does not have the usual feature found in other games such as fall damage.

He said that they do not want gamers to break their legs and get hurt because we want them to explore the world.

In terms of graphics, “No Man’s Sky” is a feast to the eyes as it really resonates with very bright, colorful and vibrant worlds and terrains. It’s far from being superficial too, notes Gamasutra.

Murray says that his only worry for the upcoming video game is that it is released because the momentum of the promotions orchestrated by game publisher Sony necessitated it to already come out and not because developers are already satisfied and happy with their output.

But he is confident that “No Man’s Sky” will find a place among gamers because of its interesting storyline and also because of the visual marvels that it can present to gamers.

The team behind the game

Murray actually leads a development team of about a dozen people to work on “No Man’s Sky.” They worked on an old two-storey building in the town of Guildford, which is a half hour by train from London.

The team works at computer terminals in three rows on the building’s first floor and through various programming methodologies and mathematical rules, they determine the age and arrangement of virtual stars, the clustering of asteroid belts, and moons and planets, the physics of gravity, the arc of orbits, the density and composition of atmospheres – rain, clear skies, overcast.

no mans sky

They are scheduled to finish before the end of this year and will subsequently invite millions of people to explore their creation which is no other than “No Man’s Sky.”

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