‘Narcos’ Season 2 Likely to Feature the Death of Pablo Escobar; Leaving Season 3 Without a Main Character!

In other words, “Narcos” has had three sets of show creators within a span of a little over a year. Bernard and Miro were the first showrunners before they turned the reigns to Brancato. Upon the departure of Brancato, Adam Fierro came in.

Just like in the case of Brancato, even before Season 2 gets to be aired, Fierro already left the show. In fact, it was even worst in the case of Fierro as the production for Season 2 is just halfway through.

But according to reports, Fierro has already completed writing for the show’s Season 2 and that Netflix has decided to leave the post vacant. In the meantime, Director Jose Padilha and Eric Newman were temporarily tapped to serve as the show’s executive producers until the end of Season 2.

While Netflix is eyeing to release Season 2 of “Narcos” in August this year, the production’s problem with searching for the right creator will eventually affect its release date, according to critics.

But given the fan anticipation and excitement for the TV series, it is fool-hardy for Netflix to cancel Season 2 of “Narcos” just because it does not have a showrunner. In fact, one of the temporary executive producers of the show is already thinking of Season 3 so rumors of cancellation are already out of the question.

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