Muhammad Ali Debunks Daughter’s Claim that He is Picking Pacquiao in Fight Versus Mayweather

Contrary to reports published last week that Muhammad Ali is rooting for Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquaio in his mega-bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the publicist of ‘The Greatest’ debunked the claim made by the boxing legend’s daughter Rasheda.

The publicist said in a statement that Muhammad never offered anyone his prediction and information about the upcoming fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao in their May 2 showdown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He added that the story picked up in the media a few days ago was a misquote because it was someone else’s personal opinion and not of ‘The Greatest,’ alluding that it was Rasheda who was rooting for Pacquiao and not Muhammad.

The publicist also added that the stories saying that Muhammad Ali has chosen a favorite in the world’s richest boxing bout ever are false, details MSN Sports.

Apparently the boxing legend is not rooting for anyone on the upcoming fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather and that he wants the two to just rumble in the ring and gave the boxing fans the show that the world has long wanted them to do.

Wishing both fighters luck

In fact, the publicist of ‘The Greatest’ referred to the tweet of Muhammad Ali dated March 31, where he wished the two ring protagonists on May 2 the best of luck. The 73-year-old boxing legend also added that the two young men should rumble well in the ring come their fight date.

Accordingly, Ali has the utmost respect for both fighters and he is very confident that both Pacquiao and Mayweather will give fans an incredible match. He also believes that the significance of the upcoming fight will actually rival other historic boxing matches.

His publicist also stated that Muhammad Ali will join the rest of the world as they watch the most highly-anticipated boxing match in recent years.

Team Pacquiao all the way

Last week, Rasheda Ali disclosed that her father is choosing to side with the Filipino boxing icon in the so-called ‘Fight of the Century.

Ali’s daughter said that her Dad is Team Pacquiao all the way and that the boxing great also believes that the Pacman has what it takes to finally give Mayweather the first loss in his professional boxing career right on his 48th fight.

According to Ali’s daughter, “The Greatest” really likes Manny Pacquiao. More than being a great fighter and his superb skills in the ring, Ali reportedly likes the eight division world champion because of what he does outside the ring.

Ali has become a huge fan of Pacquiao for his kind and generous heart and also for being God-fearing and soft-spoken, cites Rasheda.

Rasheda added that her dad is also aware that the Pacman has put up a Manny Pacquiao Fund to provide help to the underprivilege people in the Philippines. ‘The Greatest’ likes Pacquiao for being such a charitable but still being down-to-earth person.

muhammad ali

Like Ali in the past, Pacquiao stood for things he believes in and makes a living to make a difference not just in his life or his loved ones but also for others. And that’s what endears him to most people including ‘The Greatest’ whose famous ring taunt is ‘fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee.’

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