Rumors about Suits Season 5 Surfacing, Including Possible Plot Details, And More!

Given the popularity of “Suits”, it was inevitable that the show would be surrounded by lots of rumors while its next season is in production – and while it might be a while until we get to see the new episodes, we’ve been hearing various potential details about them that are building quite the interesting picture. For example, basketball player Charles Barkley is going to appear in the third episode where he will be involved in the plot to some extent, and the start has previously revealed that he was quite fond of the show.

This was actually what motivated Aaron Kosch, current director of the show, to approach him about a possible cameo appearance, to which Barkley couldn’t possibly say no – so now we’ll be seeing the star in the new season. He said he would do whatever it takes to make this happen, even if the schedule overlaps with his own show, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that we will see Barkley in episode 3.

He will be playing the role of a client of Spectre Pearson Little, and he will have to assist the firm in resolving a problem that he himself has created before with another law firm. Harvey and him will reportedly have a deep discussion while out together, and this might lead to Harvey realizing the feelings he has for Donna.

As can be expected, Barkley is quite excited about the opportunity, and we can only imagine that as he has not only been given a chance to play in his favorite show, but he will be shown together with the main character of the production, engaged in a thoughtful conversation with him. This is more than any fan of the show could ask for, so we’re excited ourselves to see Barkley playing in the new episode.

Christina Cole will also be joining the cast of the show, according to current reports, though in a more permanent role than Charles Barkley. She will be playing the personal therapist for Harvey, Dr. Paula Agard, and she will help him get through his difficult situation, while also lending a hand to the team when its members need assistance dealing with their emotions.

Suits Season 5

Harvey will of course be trying to get Donna back, and Dr. Agard will likely help him out in this regard, though we don’t know if she will actually take any direct action or if she will just be pushing him forward from behind the scenes. It will certainly be an interesting change in dynamics though, as we’ve never seen the character on the show before, and she will have an important role.

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