Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Still Coming Out Next Year despite Rumors of the Contrary

Recent rumors have indicated that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may be a long time away and will not hit the market in 2015, but those were not confirmed by Microsoft. And now it appears that a new wave of rumors has come out, according to which the tablet/laptop may actually be ready in time for a 2015 release.

According to reports from within the company, the previous Surface models have failed to meet expectations in terms of market performance, and the company didn’t win the segment of the market it was hoping for. Still, the devices did manage to establish a sort of cult following among a relatively small but quite dedicated group of fans.

The Surface Pro 4 is going to deliver various improvements to the design, while keeping some things intact. One of the aspects that will remain unchanged is the device’s support for accessories – everything that currently works with the Surface Pro 3 will also be compatible with the Surface Pro 4, according to an announcement made by Microsoft earlier. Of course they didn’t specifically refer to the Surface Pro 4, but they did say that current accessories for the Surface Pro 3 will be compatible with future installments in the model line.

One of the reasons for the slow development of the Surface Pro 4 has been alleged to be its operating system. Rumors have it that Microsoft want to release the device with Windows 10, which means that it could be a while before it hits the market. On the other hand, other rumors are claiming that the tablet could come out with Windows 8 and offer the option for an upgrade to Windows 10 at a later point, when the new operating system comes out. This would go in line with other rumors that state that Microsoft want to transform the development model of their OS to one closer to Apple’s Mac OS X, where they release new versions of the system as upgrades and not separate installments.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Meanwhile, Lenovo have been making some progress with their Yoga line of tablets. They’re a strong offer on the Windows market, and have been pointed out as a good competitor to Microsoft’s own products. Lenovo’s solutions are also quite cheap overall, as opposed to Microsoft’s traditionally very expensive tablets. However, in Microsoft’s case, the devices combine the features of a tablet and laptop, so the higher price makes sense to some extent. This is a tablet aimed at power users and heavy business users, it’s not just a tablet for reading and general multimedia, which justifies the higher price tag adequately.

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