Luke Hemmings: 5SOS Band Member Decide against Dating given their Hectic Schedule, Band Picks up Four Awards at the MTV European Music Awards!

Luke Hemmings has opened up rumours that the management of the Australian boy-band 5 Seconds of Summer doesn’t allow them to date. The boys are all good looking and have female fans swooning over them, but none of them have been reported to be dating.

There were a lot of speculations regarding the band’s rigid management that keeps their lives under strict control and prevents the members from dating. Luke Hemmings denied this rumour. While in an interview with Seventeen Magazine, Luke was asked about this unsaid clause.

He said that it’s not like the management is stopping them from going on dates or getting serious with a girl. The boys themselves have decided not to date or get serious, given that they are constantly on tours and won’t be able to spend time with a girl and vice versa. There aren’t any rules that stop them. It’s a choice!

This makes many a girl sad, including maybe Bea Miller. When the singer was on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest, she opened up about her huge crush on Luke Hemmings. She even said that she would ask him out if she got a chance. Ryan Seacrest had Luke Hemmings online and when he said that he would accept the proposal, Bea Miller turned a shade pink in embarrassment and shock.

She couldn’t believe that it was indeed Luke Hemmings who was talking to her and that he said that he might actually accept the proposal and even marry her! She was in denial about it being the real Luke Hemmings. She was sure that it was Ryan and Ellen K’s plot to trick her. When she kept on asking if it was THE Luke Hemmings, Ellen K suggested that they FaceTime to be sure.

In other 5 Seconds of Summer news, the band won four awards at the MTV European Music Awards, held in Glasgow recently. Luke Hemmings and the boys couldn’t be there to collect the awards personally since they were touring. They won Best New Act, Best Push, Best Australia Act and Artist on The Rise.

5SOS was nominated for a large number of awards, and it wasn’t surprising that they ended up winning four of the top picks. The excited members updated a status on the 5SOS Twitter account, thanking the fans and telling them they were incredible. The band has made quite a mark for themselves, and they truly deserved the awards.

Luke Hemmings

Bea Miller, 5SOS, along with Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and others will perform at the Jingle Ball Show in Staple Centre on 5th December.

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  1. That is so mean. They couldn’t date just because of no time and been told. I believe they still dating someone out there. Its just that they didn’t tell. They are good looking and they have a choice to have a girlfriend or nah

  2. i agree with the idea. I mean they’re pretty busy boys. I prefer them to stick as a band because that’s what destiny, a youtube account, and them “banding” took them to where they are today

  3. I am in love with you if I had to kiss eat marry and shoot 5 sos I would eat Michael shoot ashton kiss luke or calum or marry calum or luke say hiiiii to the group for me. Thanks……… Love you all. <3

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