Mia Khalifa Shares Amazon Wishlist With Public, Apparently Likes Lacrosse!

According to sources online, one of the most searched for porn stars is Mia Khalifa. The adult film actress is just 21 years old and has plenty of media attention because of her Lebanese background. Currently living in Miami, Florida, she married an American man back in 2011 when she turned 18 years old. She has gained media attention with other sources claiming she depicted Muslims in a very negative light. She claimed that she could never depict Muslims as negative as the American media and Hollywood does.

According to online sources, many of the more than 1.5 million views that she has received on an adult porn site come from Lebanon and other Arab states like Syria and Jordan. Mia is a fan of Florida State Seminoles football and has reportedly been trying to recruit and Ohio State quarterback the transfer to Florida State using her social media skills. She is currently active on social media, including Twitter and Instagram and has plenty of followers, as you can imagine.

Recently, Mia has reportedly released her Amazon wish list to the public and some of the items are quite interesting. According to her fans and social media, Mia has been sharing her love for the lacrosse for the last few months. She has been posting images of herself wearing sleeveless T-shirts depicting various lacrosse sayings and logos. Mia claimed that lacrosse players are her “weakness” and that could be part of the reason she is sharing her wish list that includes lacrosse equipment and apparel.

Just like any other celebrity, Khalifa, does not buy anything herself. According to sources online, Khalifa likes to hint to her fans what she would like purchased and they do that for her. In a recent short clip, Khalifa hinted to her fans, mostly male, that she added new lacrosse equipment to her Amazon wish list. Just last month, Khalifa tweeted that Amazon notified her that her wish list was too old and that she might want to updated just a little bit. She later tweeted that she was “having way too much fun with this.”

mia khalifa

Khalifa’s media attention has not always been completely positive, and that includes death threats that she has been getting as a result of one of her recent adult videos. When talking with the Washington Post. She claimed that the laced last video she did was done in satire and it should be “taken as such.” Since she has gone into the adult film industry, Khalifa claims her parents have stopped speaking to her.

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