2015 Toyota Hilux Compared To The Ford Ranger Wildtrak Online!

Online, there are many review sites that like to compare similar vehicles from different car makers. Toyota is always being compared to Honda, Mazda, Kia, and sometimes even Ford and Chevy. This is great for the consumer as they can see a side-by-side comparison of 2 similar vehicles made by different companies that might allow them to make a better buying choice. One of the most recent comparisons is of the Toyota HiLux and the Ford Ranger.

The Toyota HiLux has been one of the best-selling vehicles in Australia, with more than 38,000 models sold in 2014 alone. The reason the Ford Ranger is being compared to the Toyota, is that during the same period of time Ford sold 27,000 Rangers. That might not seem like a very close range, but for this year, Ford is just behind Toyota by a little more than 1000 cars sold. These numbers include the 4 x 2 and the 4 x 4 combined.

When it comes to the price of the Toyota model, you could pay up to $56,000 for the 5 speed automatic model, which is a limited edition, of course. In terms of the Ford Ranger, the tested model was the Wildtrak, and that will come in a dual cab diesel, automatic transmission included, for a about $60,000. Both of these vehicles are highly priced, but they are limited edition and come with many features that most people would not pay extra money for to begin with.

Paying $60,000 for a truck, or a car for that matter, will give the consumer high expectations of what they’re going to find when they get the vehicle. In terms of the Toyota, $60,000 will get you a 6.1 inch touchscreen media system and the reverse view camera plus satellite navigation technology built right into the dashboard. For the Ford Ranger model the infotainment system has clunky buttons, with a small screen sitting at the top of the dashboard and are not quite as appealing as the dashboard for the Toyota model.

toyota hilux 2015

Both interiors look extremely comfortable, with leather trimmed seats that have high backrests to keep you comfortable for your entire ride. Both seem to have plenty of leg room in the back seats, but the Ranger does seem to have less headroom than the Toyota model. Both models come with different style engines to choose from, but in terms of power, they are very similar. For the comparison found online, it appeared that the Ford Ranger, while track was the truck to purchase. If you’re going to look to spend $60,000 anyway. As this year continues, it will be most likely a closer sales competition between the 2 models.

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