Mia Khalifa Really Got Game as a Serious Sports Enthusiast

Everyone knows that porn star Mia Khalifa is a die-hard fan of the Florida State University Seminoles, even dubbing herself as the unofficial mascot of the college football team.

The No. 1 porn star on Pornhub actually used her sexual appeal to lure sometime in January prolific quarterback Braxton Miller of the Ohio State University Buckeyes to consider transferring to the Florida State University for the upcoming college football season.

Miller is one of the two prized quarterbacks in the offseason of American college football, the other one being Everett Golson of the Notre Dame Fighting Iris.

The two have been widely rumored to be transferring for the next season and at least five college football teams are vying for the services of any one or both of the two prized quarterbacks.

The five teams include Louisiana State University, Florida State University, Oregon State University, Texas State University, and UCLA

More than just football

Other than her serious infatuation with football of his hometown college team, Mia Khalifa is a serious sports enthusiast too and it shows a lot on her Twitter account.

Last month, she put her wishlist on Amazon that included Lacrosse equipment which shows how she fancies the sport too.

Just looking at her tweets this April, one could already see that Mia Khalifa loves sports so much that she has been a following a lot of athletes, not just in football, but also in hockey and basketball, and some other sports too.

The American-Lebanese porn star obviously knows her sports ABCs that she always has her no-holds barred opinion on certain sports event, especially when she is rooting for a certain team in one particular sport.

A sports follower

On April 2 for instance, she tweeted that Miami made it to the National Invitational Tournament and she felt sad for it because she was rooting for a different team to make it to the finals.

Four days later, she posted on her Twitter account that she is rooting for the Duke as part of the #DukeNation.

On April 10, she posted her opinion about Kobe Bryant who was being criticized often for not passing the ball a lot during Laker games. Two days later, she followed the Twtter account of Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Clippers.

On April 16, she tweeted her amazement upon knowing that the WNBA has a draft because she thought all along that players in the women’s basketball league were just volunteering to play the game.

She also expressed her opinion on the latest National Hockey League draft lottery on April 18 and the following day posted a video clip of a hockey player getting fired up after making a goal. She also retweeted a report and image published by Bleacher Report on Chicago Cubs Jon Lester unintentionally losing his glove as he throws the ball to first base.

On April 20, she also asked former NFL star Tim Tebow to shut up for whatever reason and the following day, she announced that the NFL has released its regular season schedules.

mia khalifa

As much as she is being widely followed as the most popular porn star in Pornhub today, Mia Khalifa has been following the goings on in major sports indicating how game she really is.

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