Mia Khalifa Punches Fan for Snapping a Photo

Lebanese ex-porn star, Mia Khalifa, has allegedly punched a 20-year-old fan in the face while he was trying to take a picture with her on June 23. However, he didn’t seem to be too upset to report the incident.

The man, who is from San Antonio, took a selfie with Khalifa without asking for permission.

He posted it on Twitter on his account FourthTigerClaw on Friday night.

“Got a pic with Mia Khalifa and she punched me in the face and left a bruise,” he tweeted along with two laughing emojis.

He told Express-News, “Since me and my friends had already been ignored when we asked for a picture, I just decided to do what the others were doing. I walked ahead of her to the side and took a picture as she came up making sure I wasn’t in her space.”

According to him, Khalifa told him to “get the fuck away” from her and then punched him. The tweet has been liked more than 9,000 times and retweeted at least 3,700 times.

Khalifa replied on Twitter by saying, “If you yell degrading profanities at me for half a mile then jump in my personal space uninvited, I will defend myself.”

A lot of her fans responded to FourthTigerClaw’s accusation by sharing their photos and stories on Twitter.

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She also thanked one of them saying, “You were the sweetest. Thank you for asking me nicely rather than jumping in front of me while I was walking & shoving a cam in my face.”

A fan modest_maya tweeted in response to the accusation, “Can’t relate lol”. She also included a selfie she had taken with Mia Khalifa, that showed the star smiling at the camera.

Another user A_M1LL1 added, “Same here. Can’t Relate lol”. He also shared a smiling selfie with the star.

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