BMW I3 Electric Cars soon to be Police Vehicles in LA

Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck announced on June 8 that LAPD will be using 100 BMW I3 electric vehicles in Los Angeles.

According to the mayor’s office, the department proudly includes the largest fleet of “pure EV” municipal law enforcement vehicles in the state.

BMW said in a statement, that the cars would be cheaper to power than gas-engine vehicles and are good for nearly 100 miles of “emission-free driving” per full charge and are “the most fuel-efficient EPA-certified vehicle”.

“This isn’t just a gimmick. This is the future” Garcetti said at a news conference. Beck also said, “While our new electric cars will be used only for non-emergency purposes, we will continue to monitor and test new generations of vehicles for their potential to serve as patrol cars.”

According to LA Weekly:

The city will be leasing the vehicles but $1.5 million was set aside for 104 charging stations, including four fast chargers that can juice up these cars in less than an hour, the mayor’s office stated. These can power the EVs for “much less than the price of gas,” Beck said.

BMW stated that these I3’s will be used as “transportation vehicles for officers and in community outreach initiatives.”

The I3 is known for its combination of “drivetrain efficiency, connectability (for fleet management), and reliability”. The I3 has a base price of $42,400 which is not exactly cheap. However, almost 100 Level 2 chargers and four DC fast chargers will be supplied to the LAPD by Greenlots. Furthermore, the costs for refueling will be low.

BMW’s press release also states:

“We should be thinking green in everything we do — and these new EVs show how local government can lead,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Our sustainability plan pushes L.A. to speed adoption of greener practices and technologies, which also save money and resources.”

“The attributes of the BMW I3 position it to excel as the ideal vehicle for municipal organizations. The performance and technical capabilities, such as the BMW I3 ‘s acceleration, and its ConnectedDrive BMW I3 Electric Carsintegration, are perfectly suited to transform the future mobility of the Los Angeles Police Department while also reducing their carbon footprint,” said Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO of BMW of North America.

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