Meri Brown Rumored to Depart from Sister Wives Season 6!

Some of the news and rumors surrounding the upcoming sixth season of “Sister Wives” aren’t completely positive, as Meri Brown could no longer be on the show. This isn’t officially confirmed yet, but speculation started among the show’s fans after the star made a post on her Twitter profile, saying “Do you believe in signs? They’re all around us if we open our eyes and choose to believe”

Many of her fans took this as an indication that she might be departing from the show. Earlier, during the fifth season of the production, Meri made the decision to divorce Kody Brown, with whom she had been for a long time, allowing her younger sister Robyn to marry him instead. Robyn was very grateful and she expressed that on the show, saying that Meri’s love is stronger than most people would guess.

Meri then got a lot of support from her fans and various people interested in her life as a celebrity in general, as many people expressed their thoughts on the Internet, particularly on various social media sites. As for Meri Brown herself, she said that she has lots of hopes for the future, and is now trying to get them realized.

We don’t know if the news of her departure is official yet or not, as the network of the show hasn’t made any confirmation on the matter yet, although it’s entirely possible that Meri Brown will indeed stop appearing on “Sister Wives”.

The new season will focus on the drama surrounding the divorce of Meri and Kody, as well as the fight that Robyn has to face in court in order to be granted custody of her kids from her ex-husband. The season will mostly revolve around that legal battle in particular, and it’s expected that we’ll see various sides of the law discussed in a lot of detail, which some fans of the show have expressed their excitement for.

It’s going to be a difficult fight from what we can tell, as Robyn’s ex-husband is rumored to put up a big legal defense and is going to make things very challenging for the woman. However, we’re sure that things will turn out well one way or another, as this show is usually full of interesting plot twists but ultimately the sub-plots end up developing nicely.

Sister Wives Season 6

There’s still some time until the new season starts airing, and we’ll probably hear more news – and most likely more rumors – about the new episodes as the air date approaches. Until then, social media should be the best way to stay informed on current developments around the show, especially for those who want to always be aware of the latest spicy news!


  1. Meri has to face the fact that Kody loves Robyn and only wants to make love with sexy Robyn. Who can blame him? Robyn is young and pretty.

  2. Meri is not naive or stupid, she knows what depraved sexualized actions and the plots Robyn and Kody are capable of. Janelle and Christine are highly suspicious of what’s going on also. Its been difficult for some of the older children who are knowledgeable. Kody and Robyn are causing a lot of pain and anguish within the family.

  3. Yep, and I would love to see Kody’s face, and the others, when Meri’s attorney explains Meri is the only legal wife and Nevada is a community property state. But I am sure we won’t be seeing any of that.

    1. Stormy, Meri Barber signed over everything when she gave into Robyn and Kody. Kody’s lawyer made sure of that. Divorce does not need to be messy or complicated.

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