Margot Robbie Starting to Prove that She’s More than a Sex Symbol and a Pretty Face; Australian Actress’ Star Shining Brighter Because of Suicide Squad, And More!

Australian actress Margot Robbie has been acting since 2007 when she was still 18 years old but it is only when she got casted early this year as Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad” that people began to take full notice of her.

She is certainly a fine actress having started her career in a couple of Australian independent films before joining an Australian soap opera titled “Neighbours” for over three years from 2008 to 2011 which earned her two acting nominations.

With her pretty face as well as fine and sexy form, Margot easily got tagged as a potential sex symbol in most of her early films when she moved into the US in 2011.

She starred in the short-lived ABC drama series titled “Pan Am” before finally making her big screen debut in the romantic comedy-drama film “About Time” by Richard Curtis. She also co-starred in Martin Scorcese’s biopic titled “The Wolf of Wall Street” where her gorgeous body and beauty were highly noticed.

Margot co-starred opposite Will Smith in the romantic dark comedy film “Focus” shown early this year and also appeared in the World War II drama film “Suite Francaise.”

Another of her film this year, “Z for Zachariah” featuring post-apocalyptic scenario and a love triangle involving two men and a woman who may be the last female on earth, will hit worldwide theaters on August 21, notes

Two game-changing roles

But her biggest break in acting or in films is expected to come next year for two important movies which are currently in production or post production at this time.

Margot will portray Harleen Quinzel or Harley Quinn in the DC superhero film “Suicide Squad” and also as Jane Porter in the latest rendition of the action-adventure film “Tarzan.”

Her name has been making the news on the internet and news outlets lately as she is actually paired in the movie to Jared Leto’s “The Joker” character. Afer all, Harley Quinn is the love interest of The Joker in the DC comics.

With the reported astounding rendition of Jared Leto of the Clown Prince of Crime and his constant tease of his character and the movie itself on his social media account, Margot Robbie is certainly getting a lot of promotional mileage as well. “Suicide Squad” is to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.

And because of the teases of Jared Leto, it is also possible that she and her character Harley Quinn shall also have a cameo appearance at another upcoming DC superhero film “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which will be released on worldwide theaters first on March 25, 2016.

As the girlfriend of Batman’s main nemesis, Margot Robbie will have her day in the global spotlight as Harley Quinn and it is expected that her take on the character will have her star shining even brighter in Hollywood in the years to come.

Pretty even without makeup

What makes Margot Robbie stands out as an actress and a woman is the fact that she actually looks gorgeous and pretty even without makeup on.

margot robbie

The promotional photos and trailer released recently for the movie “Z for Zachariah” showed Margot in a brunette colored hair with no makeup on and she still looks stunning, notes She Knows.

While some critics said that Margot looks unrecognizable with the transformation in the upcoming movie as her real hair color is blonde, she was actually sporting a more natural look in the film and exuded her flawless appeal.

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