Macaulay Culkin Follows Footsteps of Nicole Kidman and Arnold Schwarzenegger by Appearing in Advertisement with Two Famous Meerkats!

That is likely the reason why he can afford to say that he is essentially retired from acting because he has pretty much mapped out his retirement plan while he was still young. He will be turning 36 in August so having a laid back lifestyle in New York City is more than enough for Macaulay Culkin.

While he has been into some occasional acting assignments of late in a web series, a TV series, or a mini-movie, Macaulay Culkin says he is essentially retired as an actor.

But he appears to be more contented with himself these days compared to several years back when he has gone through a rough patch in light of his substance abuse.

Late in May, the former child sensation of “Home Alone” shown more than 25 years ago made a surprise appearance at Adam Green’s gig in Cambridge, England. The essentially retired actor managed to show off to the audience his dance moves while singing in front of the crowd at The Portland Arms.

Macaulay will be working again with Adam Green on the Kickstarter-funded project called “Aladdin,” which is coming after more than five years from their first collaboration on Green’s debut film “The Wrong Ferrari.”

Since first retiring from acting at the age of 14, Macaulay Culkin has been trying to keep away from the limelight by just laying low and preferring to go unnoticed and unrecognized in public, especially in New York City, where he now resides.

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