Luke Hemmings Likely to Be Apart with Arzaylea for Upcoming 5SOS Asian Tour!

Luke Hemmings, lead vocalist of the Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) and his girlfriend, social media influencer Arzaylea, are likely to be apart starting this month as the group is set to go on its Asian tour until March.

Arzaylea is an American based in Texas and she became close to Luke Hemmings and 5SOS during their North American tour last year, where she practically tugged along in all of their shows in various US cities.

5SOS will go on its “Sounds Live Feels Live” tour from this month until next month in selected Asian countries. From there, they will move to the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Central America, and finally in the band’s home country, Australia.

It seems likely that Arzaylea shall not be able to join the part of the 5SOS tour in Asia, UK, and Europe and shall be able to rejoin the band and Luke on the US, Canada, and Central America leg of the concert tour.

The tour is actually in support of the band’s second album titled “Sounds Good Feels Good.”

Admitting the relationship

In an interview with British magazine Rolling Stone late last year, Luke Hemmings finally admitted that he has been dating Arzaylea since September last year. They both agreed to keep their relationship out of the radar and thus acted as discreetly as possible.

However, Arzaylea finds it difficult to keep her emotions in check in social media which is the reason why fans know that there is something special going on between her and Luke.

Apart from being emotional, Arzaylea is also a ticking time bomb on social media and she can let loose a mouthful whenever she is put into a corner. Of late, because of her actuation and comments against fans of 5SOS on social media, she was regarded as rude, notes the Day Herald.

After Luke Hemmings officially came out to admit that the two of them are indeed dating, Arzaylea issued a public apology to those people whom she offended with her rather acid tongue in social media.

Because of the fans’ hatred of Arzaylea, 5SOS has actually lost some fans although it is likely to be very negligible. Luke Hemmings has never said anything to defend Arzaylea in social media or the public but it is pretty sure that he and his bandmates do not want to be caught in the middle.

Still going strong

Although there have been reports not too long ago that Luke and Arzaylea have split, it seems that those are inaccurate. The two were, in fact, spotted recently at a petting zoo with another 5SOS band member Michael Clifford, who was with her girl pal Crystal Leigh, notes Youth Health Mag.

After the zoo visit, Luke and Arzaylea headed somewhere else while Clifford and Leigh went to see “Deadpool.” Amid the rumors linking the two of them as a couple, Clifford and Leigh are said to be just friends. That is apart from the fact that Leigh is actually seeing someone else.

Initially, critics thought that the revulsion of the 5SOS fans over Arzaylea only have something to do with the fact that they do not like her for Luke. But as of late, it seems like it is no longer a case of fan jealousy.

luke hemmings

Apparently, most fans of the Australian pop rock band think Arzaylea is a bad influence on Luke and has been very outspoken in revealing secrets or her opinion of the personal issue of some of the band members other than her boyfriend Luke.

Of late, however, it is no longer the fans of 5SOS that is questioning the seeming rude behaviour of Arzaylea on social media but also singer Madison Beer.


  1. F OFF Arzaylea You’re just using Luke for Fame and Money you’re a F Head so get away from Luke and go away can’t you get the message that The 5SOS Fandom clearly doesn’t like you and your ridiculous tricks and just being plain rude and disrespectful to the 5SOS Fans so just get out of Luke’s way and then the 5SOS Fandom will be happy once again without you interfering in Luke’s Life trying to use him for Fame and Money. You’re Trouble To The 5SOS Fandom With A Capital T.

  2. Holly, take a step back. She is better than what she was at first. I love Arzaylea and I respect your opinion but I think some people in the fandom are just over reacting

    1. Ok I guess I will take all that I have said right back but the only reason why I have said all that stuff is because I was angry and Upset and Devastated and Frustrated at Arzaylea’ s Ridiculous Behaviour lately Shakira so Please just leave me alone to state my opinion you know that you’re not the boss of me so My Only Ask is For Me To Be Left Alone you obviously know how other 5SOS Fans feel about this ridiculous behaviour of Arzaylea’ s. Always Have Struggled To Bite My Tongue, guess I got my sassy behaviour from my parents, I think I will just stay silent online to let this just blow over I don’t care about what other people say I’m simply just defending/looking out for Luke.

  3. We may not know Arzaylea personally, but we’ve all seen enough to make it clear that she is a horrible influence on Luke and has been horrible to us fans. I honestly don’t think I can forgive her after what she did to Ashton. I can’t wait for Luke to come to his senses and find someone else.

    1. Wow This Is Insane That You’re Agreeing With Me on all this bloody drama I just wish that The 5SOS Fandom would just calm down and get over all this drama and just look to the future instead so please just try to move on and Never think about any of this drama ever again so don’t worry too much 5SOS Fandom I was raging and mad in the very first comment as you probably saw when scrolling down this page to the comments to help support me, so I just wanted to say a huge Thank You to all the other 5SOS Fans who have commented and agreeing with me you know who you all are. All The Love As Usual. H

  4. I sincerely Apologize to Arzaylea for what I’ve said but I only said these horrible things about Arzaylea because I was left devastated and upset. I Seriously didn’t mean to say all the horrible things that I have said about Arzaylea so once again my Apologies to Arzaylea for the cyber bullying Sorry Arzaylea I will learn to accept you at some point when I have eventually calmed down and stopped the poor attitude towards you. All The Love As Usual. H

  5. Arzaylea and Luke broke up a long time ago because she treated him like crap. Only a true 5SOS fan would know that!

    1. Please Say That This Is The Real Truth because I just wish that @Luke5SOS would come to his senses and find someone else to date because I Clearly Will Never Forgive Arzaylea for what she’s done to Luke and Ashton Irwin Carly Because I am literally shocked at the number of 5SOS Fans agreeing with me on this whole explosion about Luke and Arzaylea because I have now sent out a public apology to Arzaylea to sincerely Apologize to Arzaylea for all that I’ve Said In My Very First Comment on this Article.

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