Longmire Season 5 in Not Going to Be All Gloom, Doom, and Pain, Says Show Writer!

Contrary to rumors that Season 5 of the American western action crime drama TV series “Longmire” on Netflix would be full of gloom, doom, and pain, show writer Tony Tost recently debunked the speculations by saying that the production team will only tell a good story.

Tost also denied reports that Season 5 of the TV show will be darker and more violent than its previous seasons.

Because of the rumors that “Longmire” Season 5 will all be gloom, doom, and pain, many of its fans said that they are no longer planning to watch the show when it premieres on Netflix in September next year, notes the Christian Today.

Tony Tost has been actively updating followers on Twitter where he also disclosed that the TV series’ writers’ room is already up and running. He has been in fact updating followers on what music is currently playing while inside the writers’ room.

Bound to have a good story

With the way the Season 4 finale of “Longmire” was shown in September this year, the fifth season of the TV series is bound to be a good story.

It can be recalled that during the Season 4 finale episode, Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor, was seen enjoying a romantic moment with newfound love, Donna Sue Monahan, played by Ally Walker.

Their blissful moment was cut short when someone broke into Longmire’s house. However, it was not revealed who was the one who did it.

Fans and viewers are certainly excited to know who that person was but speculations are rife that it could be Walker Browning, played by Callum Keith Rennie, since he was last seen out of his hospital bed.

Other speculations on the identity of the criminal are Jacob Nighthorse, played by A Martinez; Zachary, played by Barry Sloane; and Sam Poteet, played by Hank Cheyne.

But given the many enemies of Walt Longmire, it is really hard to pinpoint exactly who the culprit is.

There are also speculations that whoever burned the van could also be the one who broke into Walt Longmire’s home. But that would shift the story to having Donna Sue as the target, details the Christian Post.

New character from Longmire’s past

There are also reports that a new character from Walt Longmire’s past might be introduced in Season 5 but this is just mere speculation at this time, pending the confirmation from the showrunners or the producers of the TV series.

After “Longmire” was renewed for Season 5 by Netflix, it was revealed that the episodes shall be longer than previous episodes during the past season. Accordingly, the episodes will be around an hour-long to allow for a more cinematic narrative.

According to some reports, Netflix has initially ordered 10 episodes for the Season 5 of the TV series, the same number it had during Season 4, which were streamed on the streaming network from September 10 to October 30 this year.


But Netflix eventually agreed to extend it based on the request of producers. In addition, reports also have it that each episode of Season 5 shall be longer than the customary 42 to 45 minutes airing time that it was getting when it was still airing in the A&E Network and also during the Season 4 this year.

Actor Lou Diamond Philips, who plays the role of Henry Standing Bear, said that the show needed more air time to give the story more depth.

He said that the show’s transfer to Netflix beginning on the fourth season gives it more freedom to tell the story, the way the executive producers want it to.

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