2016 Ford Bronco Has a Little Over Six Months to Launch Before it is Formally Branded as a Hoax!

Now that the New Year is upon us, the 2016 Ford Bronco has a little over six months remaining for the vehicle to be launched by the American carmaker, Ford Motor Company. Launching the vehicle after July would already make it a 2017 model instead of 2016.

Thus, the pressure is now on Ford, assuming that the 2016 Bronco is a real deal, to finally unveil the long-rumored SUV, which started way back in April 2014.

However, the 2014 rumors appear to have a good leg to stand on since Ford also launched a concept of the newest Bronco back in 2004 during the North American International Motor Show in Detroit, Michigan.

There have been reports that Ford will showcase the 2016 Ford Bronco in the same automotive show set to be held in Detroit next week. However, all these remain as speculation since Ford has not made any statement at all to either confirm or deny the existence of the 2016 Bronco.

Different design

According to SUV & Truck, the 2016 Ford Bronco will have a different design from the 2004 Ford Bronco concept as the latest model shall have new lines that are fashionable.

It shall also have a box-like roof line, a short wheel-base, and round headlights that are similar to the early Bronco models back in the 60s.

Car Reviews 2015 2016 cites that SUV enthusiasts are going to love the new Bronco because of its powerful engines that shall complement its intimidating look. It shall apparently blend the classic features of the iconic truck brand with modern technology.

In terms of interior, the 2016 Ford Bronco shall reportedly have new technological features like a computerized navigation system that is touch screen. It shall also have one of the best safety features and driving guides that alert the driver whenever he decides to change lane or veer off.

Wood has been greatly used in the interior design that gives it a classical finish. The cabin will be spacious and roomy for five people, ensuring their convenience and comfort. The luggage compartment is big enough to hold plenty of things including large ones, without any worry.

A high-wheel suspension system

As the 2016 Ford Bronco is reportedly based on the Ford Atlas concept model, it shall have a considerably high wheel suspension system. It shall also have a wide stance in the front accentuated by a large grill. It shall also feature two powerful LED lights and advanced fog lights for extra safety and visibility during harsh weather conditions.

Over at its rear, the 2016 Bronco shall feature one of the largest tailgates seen among SUVs in the market when it finally comes out. It shall also sport a chrome bumper which shall have two flat exhaust tips and dual lights.

Most of its body shall be made from high-strength aluminum steel, thus ensuring that it shall also be very light in weight when compared to the old Bronco models.

While Ford Motor Company has yet to come out with an official announcement or statement regarding the 2016 Bronco, many in the international motoring community believe that the iconic vehicle brand will finally come out this year after a long hiatus.

Timing-wise, when the 2016 Ford Bronco comes out soon, it will actually mark exactly two decades from the time that the old Bronco was halted from production.

2015 Ford Bronco

Recent reports have it that Ford may finally launch the 2016 Bronco at the Detroit International Auto Show next week.

Assuming the reports are finally on target about the upcoming Bronco, it will be the first time that Ford will put the SUV back into production.


  1. Ford should make this it would be a great seller. Put a 5.0 under the hood, with a removable top. The retro look would be great. The Ranger coming back would be a no brainer, as well.

  2. While it fetches a lot of admiration for the brand and proves that it does have a large loyal fan base, it also throws open for discussion an entirely new avenue what makes the Ford Bronco so fantastically mesmerizing for people that they would rather wait without any confirmation than believe that Ford Bronco 2016 is never making its way into their lives.

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