Longmire Season 5 Coming Back To Netflix And Creating Buzz!

Persuing Vic might have always been on the top of his list, but that was not working out the way he had hoped. Realizing this, he focused his attention on Dr. Donna Monaghan and Vic was sent back to her husband to try and patch things up.

The love life that Walt seems to have built for himself is not making things easier for him and there are even rumors out there that suggest that Donna is just using him, but for what? Fans are hoping that season five will bring a little more clarity to Walt’s love life.

Netflix announced the new season of Longmire recently, but as it stands right now, there is no confirmation as when the show will be available to stream. Some of the rumors posted on the internet are suggesting that Longmire Season 5 will be ready for binge sessions some time in September of this year.

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