Kate Upton Defies Mantra of Fitness Buffs as She Eats Doughnuts While Working Out in the Gym

Talk about how confident she is that she can burn all the fats that she takes in into her body, supermodel Kate Upton was a total badass in the gym when she posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts on April 22 that she was actually eating doughnuts while working out.

That is obviously an oxymoron that only Kate Upton can deliver with flair. It is also one of the reasons why her fans and her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, just love her so much.

She also shared a video clip on her Instagram where she was doing a strength conditioning at the gym via a delicious doughnut.

The 26-year-old supermodel was munching on the doughnut while doing sled-rope pulls with her other hand, details Sports Illustrated.

Kate Upton is also one of the reasons why a lot of people like going to the gym other than working out and keeping in tiptop shape.

Although behind her obvious jest, Upton is a serious gym buff and she really likes to work out and burn the excess fats in her body and always be in shape for all her modeling and acting engagements.

No wonder she refuses to say yes to her boyfriend when he proposed a number of times already in the past that they get married soon. She is still enjoying her life and her profession which she can no longer do when she decides to get married and have her own family.

A love anchored on friendship

Nothing can be more special than the love that has bloomed from friendship. It seems that Kate Upton and Justin Verlander want to show the world that their relationship is getting more special because it is established on a strong friendship.

Back in February, Justin Verlander celebrated his 33rd birthday and he got a birthday greeting from his supermodel girlfriend Kate Upton with a caption that hardly indicates romantic intonation but very heartfelt nonetheless.

Kate posted on Instagram a picture of herself and Justin after a dinner perhaps and captioned it by dedicating it to her best friend who makes her smile and laugh every day. She also wished for another amazing year for the two of them before ending it with a heartfelt birthday greeting.

Although he personally feels that he did not do well during the past baseball season, baseball aficionados all think that Verlander came off an impressive finish to the 2015 season with a 2.27 ERA in his final 14 starts. The Detroit Tigers pitcher has just made his eighth Opening Day start this month at the beginning of Major League Baseball.

Fundraiser for kids

In addition to being her friend and obviously very patient with her, another of the many other reasons why Kate Upton loves her boyfriend Justin Verlander is because of his soft spot for children.

Justin is probably looking forward to the time when he and Kate will have children in the future, but since they are not there yet, he might as well focus on supporting other causes for children.

Early in February, the 33-year-old Justin Verlander supported the auction block of the Diamond Resorts as proceeds of the initiative went to the Florida Hospital for Children. He posted on his Twitter account that there were plenty of cool stuff from himself in the auction and even put hashtags #bidonme and #itsforthekids to emphasize that it is for a good cause.

kate upton

He included a photo of himself and a kid who seemed to have bought his No. 35 Detroit Tigers uniform.

Kate Upton obviously appreciated the gesture of her boyfriend on her Twitter account and retweeted it, then posting in jest that she thought that he was selling his stuff for their date. She then put two hashtags on her tweet including #bid and #imwinning, indicating that she was very happy with what JustinĀ had done.

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