Justin Bieber Under Fire for Posting on Instagram Photos of Himself Beside a Chained Tiger

Animal rights group PETA has slammed Justin Bieber for posting a photo on Instagram of him beside a chained tiger.

According to E! Online, the Canadian pop star returned to his home country over the weekend to celebrate the engagement of his father, Jeremy Bieber, and his longtime girlfriend Chelsey Rebelo.

The engagement party appeared to have been held at a private art show in Toronto last Saturday. The event featured Batman, the Batmobile, and actual Bengal tiger.

The 22-year-old singer reportedly spent time with the wild animal, petting the tiger and his fondness of him can be seen on his Instagram where he posted photos of him and the four-legged animal.

As per PETA, the “Love Yourself” crooner’s purpose should not be to pose with chained tigers. PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange spoke to E! News and gave a statement saying that Justin was lucky enough not to have his throat torn out by the stressed captive tiger.

Lange adds that animals, tigers, in particular, used for photo ops are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth. She cites the Bowmanville Zoo, owned by Michael Hackenberg, was caught whipping one tiger more than 17 times, even after the animal was lying on his back out of submission and fear.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, a PETA spokesperson claims that the tiger is owned and trained by Hackenberger, who is currently facing five charges of animal cruelty.

The spokesperson says that the tiger at Bieber’s party was identical to Robbie, the tiger that was whipped in Bowmanville Zoo.

Apparently, Robbie is also used for encounters with the public and was even used in the film “The Interview.”

World Animal Protection also sent out a message that influential people like the pop star should use their influence to save and protect wildlife and not the other way around.

This is why the animal rights group, which campaigns for ethical treatment of animals, urges everyone to stay far away from cruel and dangerous big cat photo ops.

They also asked Bieber to vow that this will be his last time promoting these types of abusive outfits. The “Company” singer still hasn’t responded to PETA’s request.

PETA also sent a letter to Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, to tell the pop star that Robbie came from the local zoo.

The animal rights group adds that they know Bieber is drawn to animals, but this is the worst way to recognize his interest in them because exotic animals are usually torn away from their mothers prematurely and beaten into submission by trainers.

Daily Mail reports that this is not the first time Bieber was in hot waters with animal rights group. Back in 2013, the “Children” singer had his pet monkey, OG Mally, confiscated by German customs officials.

Bieber took his pet with him on a flight from Los Angeles to Munich, where he was set to perform. Tests revealed that OG Mally was just 14-weeks-old when the singer arrived in the country.

Experts have slammed the singer, claiming that the animal should not have been separated from its mother before the age of one.

Australian vet Kurt Grabenwoeger told Daily Mail that the monkey was frightened when he arrived at the country. He was alone, very disoriented, and needed to be cared for constantly.

justin bieber

The veterinarian says that newborn monkeys should stay with their mothers for at least a year. They also should be surrounded by their family group.

Earlier this year, Justin announced his desire to adopt another pet monkey, which was dubbed a ‘foolish and irresponsible’ idea by the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance (NAPSA). NAPSA claims that housing a monkey within the home is dangerous.

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