Julian Fellowes Wrote Every Episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ from Season 1 All the Way to the Last and Upcoming Season 6, More Information

The main ingredient to the consistency and the seamless story flow of the critically-acclaimed British period drama TV series “Downton Abbey” is its one and only writer right from the very beginning during its first season all the way to its final and upcoming Season 6 to hit the small screens later this year.

Show co-executive producer Julian Fellowes is the man who penned every episode of “Downton Abbey” without any help from anybody or from a team of writers or what is often referred to as a writers’ room like most TV series of such magnitude normally requires, notes Cartermatt.

He said that he wrote every word of every episode of “Downton Abbey” and he really values it. If there is somebody who knows every bit of detail of every episode of the very popular TV series, it is no other than Fellowes.

Despite being proud of his achievement, Julian Fellowes is not the type to gloat over it or compare himself to other writers. But kibitzers do recognize that guys like Julian Fellowes is a rare breed especially in American TV series.

In fact, there is hardly any TV series in the US these days that is written by one writer only, with the exception of “True Detective” but is currently on second season this year.

Fascinated with writers’ room

Fellowes also do not have anything against writers’ room because he just got so used to writing all by his lonesome so he finds the structure quite admirable really.

It is really difficult to mesh the thoughts of one writer with another and then singularly come up with common points along the way and eventually a good windup.

Fellowes is actually quizzical on how TV series do it with the presence of writers’ room and he really admires how it is being managed because personally, it would really be a challenge for him if he is to supervise a team of writers which mostly do not think the way he does on a lot of things so there’s plenty of brainstorming needed to get things done based on consensus and not just on one’s wish.

Even before he finished doing Season 6 of “Downton Abbey,” Fellowes was already tapped by NBC to write every episode of “The Gilded Age,” which has traces of the “Downton Abbey” concept and is a follow-through to Julian’s breakthrough writing success with the British period drama TV series.

Season 6 setting

Latest word on the filming set indicates that the Christmas special of “Downton Abbey” Season 6 will be set in 1925 to give the show a most-fitting and feel-good finish.

Series producer Carnival Films and ITV officially announced Season 6 of “Downton Abbey” on March 26 that would feature eight episodes to begin airing on the latter part of 2015 before culminating with the annual Christmas special that would air on December 25, 2015.

downtown abbey

Just like in the past seasons, each episode of Season 6 will still have that Downton traditional drama and intrigue to keep the fans glued to the show. It would continue building on to give a satisfying and happy conclusion for everyone and also for the loyal viewers of the show.

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