John Mayer Wants to Have a Baby with Katy Perry; Couple Planning to Marry in April!

After reuniting early last month, John Mayer and Katy Perry seem to be seriously contemplating about bringing their relationship to a new level.

Word has it that John already wants to raise a family and have a baby with Katy Perry very soon. There is also a strong possibility that the couple might finally tie the knot this coming April, details Yahoo! News.

John and Katy first dated in 2012. They had an on-again off-again relationship that they finally agreed to part ways sometime in the middle of last year.

Subsequently, Katy Perry was linked to other music celebrity stars including Diplo and Riff Raff, but those relationships were nothing serious for the “Roar” singer.

A source close to the two music celebrities says that both John and Katy were devastated being apart from one another. Having realized that they could not live without each other, both are trying to make amends.

A different kind of relationship

There were reports that John and Katy officially became reunited as a couple after her superb performance during the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2015 on February 1.

But sources close to the pair said that the two singers have been dating since last month. There was even a report in January citing that John Mayer actually slept at Katy Perry’s house after they both came from a party.

The two have since matured after they parted ways momentarily. They believed that they have gone past the stage of just being romantic with one another. They want to move forward with the relationship by possibly marrying.

Because things have been going so well between John and Katy these days, an April wedding is reportedly being floated around and the venue would most likely be in Katy’s hometown of Santa Barbara in California.

All praises for Katy

The reports that the pair have officially reunited after the Super Bowl 2015 was an offshoot of John guesting on an American talk show after the event. During the interview, John had nothing but praises for Katy Perry’s halftime performance.

He said that he greatly admired Katy’s 19-minute show during the halftime of Super Bowl 2015 including the sharks that danced with the “Firework” singer.

John said that everybody was talking about the sharks after the performance because they were comfortable walking around and proclaiming that Katy Perry was amazing during the halftime show.

He said that there was nothing bad about the performance of Katy Perry during the Super Bowl 2015 and the sharks could attest to it. If there was at least one dissenting opinion about Katy’s performance, people would hear it on the internet already but apparently there was none, cites John.

katy perry john mayer

The “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer says that Katy Perry’s halftime performance in the Super Bowl 2015 made the internet a kind and gentle place even for just a day.

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