Jerry’s Pity Adventure: Rick and Morty Spoilers

We all know that Rick has nothing but contempt for his son-in-law Jerry, but he decided to take him on an adventure. Why?

One of our favorite animated shows of all time is Rick and Morty. There is something simply hypnotizing about misadventures of an alcoholic genius smartest-man-in-the-universe scientist Rick and his tremendously nervous grandson Morty. The way the show splits their time between a domestic family life and intergalactic travel, mixing it all up with incredible violence, random deaths, and serious consequences simply makes it a breath of fresh air.

We waited for season 3 for a long time, and now that it’s here, we’ve been seeing a lot of subtle developments and changes. Beth and Jerry are separated, Rick is less and less threatening – yes, he still wreaks havoc, but somehow in these new episodes, he gets incapacitated a lot. In the first episode, he was in that I-wanted-to-get-captured mode, after that he has been self-immobilized as a pickle, he walked through a Saw trap that could have ended a world that he himself created while drunk – we can’t wait to see what’s next.

On the other hand, new episodes are showing Morty in a new light too. In season 3, weak little Morty keeps proving that he is capable and confident, and even though the show is doing it incredibly subtly, we expect to see Morty manipulating people, helping and controlling events more and more.

Now, beware, from now on, this article is filled with “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” spoilers!

So, you know how much Rick despises Jerry for impregnating his daughter? Yeah, we do too. Which is why it’s always so strange when Rick decides to bring him along on an adventure. Well, in the upcoming episode of Season 3 Rick rips naked Jerry out of bed in order to take him for a fun trip.

So what is it all about?

Rick once told Jerry “I don’t give a fuck what you think!”. He never even tried to pretend that he likes this guy, and he happily took credit for the destruction of Beth’s and Jerry’s marriage in the season premiere. So, clearly, he is not the guy to do something nice for Jerry, but the explanation for why he took Jerry along is also kind of suspicious.

Here’s the problem, Rick tells Jerry that this adventure is a personal favor to Morty, as the kid asked his grandfather to give his dad a win, so he wouldn’t commit suicide. But, that’s strange, because Rick never does anything for his grandson! In the “Vindicators” episode, Morty had an official stamp system that allowed him to pick that one adventure, and he used his one on that episode where we saw that blackout Rick cared more about Noob-Noob than he did about Morty.

So, if Morty used up his one chance to pick an adventure, there’s no chance that Rick would take Jerry with him on a “pity adventure” right? Jerry expects that Rick took him in order to execute him, and to us, this sounds a lot closer to the truth.

Also, something seems a bit off about this Rick, and it just might turn out in the end that this actually isn’t our Rick at all. Why? Well, if you glance at the trailer, Rick is shown like some kind of a robot. This doesn’t have to mean anything, as Cyborg Rick could be the same one that’s hanging out with Jerry unless the show decides to give us another unexpected subplot.

Jerrys Adventure Rick and Morty

Maybe this Rick will be some kind of clone sent by what’s left of the Galactic Federation, or even by the surviving members of the Council of Ricks?

Another interesting thing about this promo is the weird bloody hole on Rick’s shirt – in all the scenes where these two are riding a roller coaster, Rick has the same bloody hole in his shirt and no wound under it.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a conspiracy theorist here, but… this show has done a lot of unusual, strange things in this season, but even Rick and Morty wouldn’t do something as crazy as a legitimate bonding adventure of Rick and Jerry – right?

In other news, the synopsis for this episode says nothing about the unlikely duo but teases that Beth will fail as a mom and that Summer will have body issues. Maybe this will be the episode where Summer turns into a giant?

Other than that, we will have to wait to see the episode in order to find out what happens next.

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