Jeremy Lin and Mike D’Antoni May Reunite in Denver Next Season

Jeremy Lin had his best year in the NBA during his Linsanity Days with the New York Knicks during the 2011-12 season under then head coach Mike D’Antoni.

Following that memorable season, he was traded by the Knicks to the Houston Rockets where the 26-year-old Harvard graduate signed a $25 million three-year deal.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Lin found it difficult to keep up with the Houston Rockets’ brand of play that after only two seasons, he was shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers on the final year of his contract.

And as it turned out, his one-year-and-done stint with the Showtime franchise was nowhere spectacular and save for some mild brilliance after the NBA All-Star break, Jeremy Lin was nowhere near the $8.5 million price he was tagged as a player.

Nearly re-united

Jeremy Lin nearly reunited with Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni when he moved last season to the Lakers had it not been for Kobe Bryant who instigated the firing of D’Antoni.

As a result, when Jeremy Lin came onboard the purple and gold team, Byron Scott was already at the coaching helm of the team and along with him comes his old school playing methodology.

It seems that the failed reunion of Mike D’Antoni and Jeremy Lin may finally materialize next season in Denver.

Reports have it that Mike D’Antoni is the foremost contender for the coaching position with the Denver Nuggets after Brian Shaw was fired at the close of the NBA season, reports Yibada.

On the case of Jeremy Lin, there is no doubt that he will not be re-signed by the Lakers since Jordan Clarkson has shown himself capable of holding his own in the point guard spot, plus the fact that the Showtime franchise is apparently going after Rajon Rondo during the off-season on the insistence of Kobe Bryant.

Finding a team where he will fit

Jeremy Lin said that he wants to take advantage of his being a free agent by possibly signing up with a team where he will perfectly fit.

A perfect fit is really hard to determine if there is no experience to speak of in the first place so the only way that Lin could get to such a team is if somebody in that squad also sees how he shall fit.

And the only person right now who could give Jeremy Lin a vote of confidence is Mike D’Antoni who have seen and experienced his potentials as a gifted NBA player during his Linsanity days in New York.

Mike D’Antoni taking over the coaching reigns of the Denver Nuggets will be good for the team and also open up a big opportunity for Jeremy Lin. This may be the perfect fit that the American-Taiwanese player may be looking for to finally bring back and relived his good old Linsanity days.

jeremy lin

But until D’Antoni is officially signed soon by the Denver Nuggets, the possibility of Jeremy Lin donning the Mile High jersey next season is a mere speculation at this point.

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