‘Gran Turismo 7’ is Destined for Greatness as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive

Sony is seriously pinning its hopes that the racing game “Gran Turismo 7” will live up to its hype as the best installment to the series which will roll out exclusively to the PlayStation 4 either later this year or in the early part of 2016.

Developer Polyphony Digital has promised that they will bring something special to gamers for “Gran Turismo 7,” which according to Push Square will be the best entry on the PS4 that gamers could imagine.

The “Gran Turismo” racing video game property has consistently been a big seller but was only hampered during the PlayStation 3 era because of delays and the slightly smaller install base of the last generation gaming console compared to the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation.

But with the entry of “Gran Turismo 7” on the PlayStation 4, the game debut on the next-gen gaming console promises to be a humdinger.

Improved attributes

There have also been reports that the development team at Polyphony Digital has already looked into the Isle of Man’s famous Mountain Course, which will form the highlight circuit in the upcoming racing video game.

In addition to the new and heavyweight features of “Gran Turismo 7,” a number of key attributes also go in favor of the brand new video game.

These include exclusivity to the PS4, which means truly good things for the upcoming video game because the developer can actually push the game to its maximum potential without restriction.

“Gran Turismo 7” is certainly a lot better when compared to “Gran Turismo 6.” This was confirmed by series creator Kazunori Yamauchi who said that the video game will run naturally in the PS4. He also said that he had a vision of doing everything that they can for “Gran Turismo 7” which was otherwise not applicable in the “Gran Turismo 6.”

And finally, “Gran Turismo 7” has better graphics because game developer Polyphony Digital promised better physics to make it visually astounding among PS4 gamers.

Full game in the works

There have been reports that the development team at Polyphony Digital are definitely working on the full game version of “Gran Turismo 7” and not on the taster version.

While the sound quality of “Gran Turismo 6” is already good, the developer still made improvements on the “Gran Turismo 7,” cites Yamauchi.

Gran Turismo 7

The series creator said that they will maintain standard cars on “Gran Turismo 7” but will still add premium ones to give gamers a new round of excitement. Some of the standard cars in the game can possibly be upgraded eventually to premium cars as soon as the latter becomes available. Yamauchi said that they have been working right now to increase the number of premium cars in the upcoming video game.

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