Is Fiat’s New Truck Going to Offer some Good Competition for the 2015 Toyota Hilux

Recently, some publications have been reporting on a possible prototype for a new pickup by Fiat, reported to be placed above the Strada, and somewhat interestingly, aimed at being a direct competitor to the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and VW Amarok. It looks like Fiat are about to significantly step up their game in the truck market, and if the current reports are true, the company has a very real chance of succeeding.

The company confirmed their intention to launch a new pickup truck on the midsized marked in 2016, in a statement made at their last investor meeting when the company was discussing its market plan for the next five years. Even though some of this information is supposed to be circulated within certain areas of the company only, we all know it can be quite hard to hide things from the watchful eye of the Internet, especially when it comes to spicy news from various industries.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re hearing these reports now – but it would certainly be more interesting to see if they actually turn out to be true in the long run. Reports indicate that the most recent prototype was noticeably larger than the Strada truck, and it was heavily concealed beneath camouflage – which of course didn’t stop curious eyes from making out certain details about the truck’s body.

Some were speculating that the truck may have already been previewed last year at Sao Paolo, when Fiat showcased a new FCC4 Concept, but there doesn’t seem to be any strong similarity between the current leaks of the new truck and what we saw previously.

Another prominent speculation states that the truck could be based on the Mitsubishi L200, fueled by a recent agreement that Fiat and Mitsubishi signed which was directed at the production of a new midsized pickup truck. Or at least, the possibility of producing one – it’s a bit difficult to interpret that report precisely, but it could very well be linked to the new leak that we’re seeing now.

2015 Toyota Hilux

In any case, if Fiat do release a new truck on the market as a direct rival to the Hilux, Ranger and Amarok, this could shape up to be a very interesting period for truck lovers. Some companies have been coming out of the woodwork with new productions of their own after a period of inactivity, and those looking to invest in a new truck (but don’t want to go for a large model) should definitely hold off for a few months and wait for all announcements to properly come out so they’ll know what to aim for.

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