Is Constantine Happening or Not? Latest Reports Claim Possible Cancellation!

DC Comics fans have been nervously waiting for a confirmation that the project for a TV show about Constantine from “Hellblazer” is moving forward, as the future of the series was under question recently. And now, there are reports that the show might indeed have been cancelled. It has run for one season so far, which ended on February 13, concluding with 13 episodes in total. Since then, NBC haven’t given any confirmation that the show will continue, which has led many fans to believe that the network might have changed its mind about the production.

And from what we’ve recently heard, that might be correct. There are reports that “Constantine” hasn’t been given a full season order in the first place, which is why its first season had only 13 episodes instead of 22. In addition, the ratings for the show haven’t been as good as the network was hoping, even though it obviously has a nice following among dedicated fans of the comics.

It’s also been reported that Daniel Cerone from the show’s production team has recently been given an opportunity to convince the network for a second season, something which is reportedly scheduled for May at the moment. If that discussion goes smoothly, we just might see another season for “Constantine”, and it may even be a full one instead of a shortened 13-episode season.

Fans’ hope about the show’s revival has also been reignited by the recent cancellation of “Allegiance”, which only got to run for five episodes before the network decided to take it off. Now they have some extra slots to fill, and “Constantine” is definitely the show with the broader appeal between the two, giving it a chance to find its way into the newly opened position.

It seems that the main actors from the show also have no idea whether or not the production will be continued, even though they are certainly hopeful. Matt Ryan, who plays the titular character, as well as Harold Perrineau who plays Manny, Constantine’s guardian angel, have been particularly eager to continue their work on the show and hopeful that the network will greenlight another season.


There is plenty of material for more seasons if the producers get a chance to continue their work, as the comics ran for a long time – in fact, they ended just two years ago, after a twenty-year run, so there should be a lot to work with. Hopefully, NBC realize the potential behind “Constantine”, and reach an acceptable middle ground with its producers where all issues with the show will be resolved. If it’s polished a bit more, it can definitely attract a lot more viewers.


  1. I would reccomend against cancellation, however if it is your decision #NBC then please at least free up the rights so that another provider, CW/SYFY, can continue this show! #SaveConstantine

  2. I really hope this show comes back one way or another. As even if it does have to move to the SyFy channel that would have both positives(more freedom in regards to storyline/character development and less requirement to remain as “PC”, etc.) and negatives(smaller budget, less exposure, etc.) but regardless it would obviously be better than just ending it altogether.

    If it does get the axe in its entirety a decent factor in this result will have been the pressure from those fascist “GLAAD”-type groups. As these groups were all pissy that the Constantine tv show did not make the main character’s bi-sexuality a known fact in the TV series. Honestly, I am really tired of the beyond apparent push to have gay characters(who always play a “super cool” type role w/o exception) and gay PDA in every single show on TV this season. It really is way over the top compared to reality(3.6% of Americans are not straight). This shit constantly being shoved in the face of all Americans is extremely annoying/disgusting to be honest and if it also plays a factor in the demise of Constantine I will be that much more unhappy about it all.


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