Irina Shayk In New Music Video After Deleting Ronaldo From Her Life!

Last week it was pretty big news when Irina Shayk was dumped by Cristiano Ronaldo and it looks like the stunning beauty is back in the news. This time around it has nothing to do with her love life, well sort of, however it does have to do with a new music video that she is featured in. The video shows the hot female being fought over by two man that are none other than Marc Anthony and Romeo Santos.

The hot brunette is featured throughout the video wearing very skimpy bikinis and other attire that would make any man cringe with desire. She is show coming from a swimming pool, which you know is one of the hottest slow motion scenes that any man can imagine in his mind. The two men in the video are on the opposite sides of the law as it looks like one good boy and one bad boy are fending for the same lady.

The super hot Victoria’s Secret model decided that it was time to break up with her boyfriend over Christmas holiday. The very popular football, Ronaldo, reportedly broke it off with Irina Shayk after she reportedly refused to attend Ronaldo’s mother’s 60th birthday party. He put the entire thing together and thought it would be something that the couple would have done together, but Irina Shayk had other plans and that did not sit well.

There are always opposite reports online however, and a report claims that Irina Shayk was very close to Ronaldo’s family during the entire relationship, so it would be odd that she would not attend unless there were scheduling conflicts. The comments about negativity among the family are reportedly false and have nothing to do with the break up according to one source. It does not seem that either of them have hard feelings toward one another as Rolando said recently that he wishes “Irina the greatest happiness”.

Irina Shayk

In the new video from Yo Tambien, you can clearly see what a beautiful model-and-actress is. Most of the men around the world could not believe how lucky Ronaldo was to have been dating someone so beautiful and seemingly nice. Ronaldo is reportedly dating a Spanish TV personality and if there is any man that has his eye on Irina Shayk, then watching the video through the YouTube service would only ignite those flames for her even further. Some say the end was near when Irina Shayk reportdly deleted Ronaldo from her Twitter feed.

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