Interesting Things We Know about Avatar 2 so Far, Who’s Returning

The release of “Avatar” was an amazing event in the cinema industry, as the film completely broke all records in the financial area, and raised the bar quite highly for what it means to be a successful film production. Even today, few have even managed to come close to the kinds of profits that “Avatar” saw, let alone overtake James Cameron’s production, and that includes various successful releases like “The Avengers”, “The Dark Knight Rises” and others.

“Avatar 2” is currently reported to be in production, but we don’t know much about what the sequel is going to look like, or when it’s supposed to come out exactly. One thing is for sure at this point though – it’s going to be a while before “Avatar 2” arrives, and there might be some big changes introduced to the formula before the release date rolls around.

James Cameron will still be handling the directing of the film, naturally, and he also reportedly has plans to continue working on more installments and turn it into a long-running franchise. Given the success of the first film, we certainly can’t blame him for planning like that – but he should try to make sure that the quality of each film is kept sufficiently high to avoid disappointing his fans.

And that’s exactly where the problem lies for James Cameron, according to most critics. He might find it difficult to jump over his own bar that he set with the previous film, as he made the first “Avatar” an incredibly successful production. It would certainly be interesting to see Cameron breaking his own record, but it’s also a bit naïve to think that would happen.

Still, even if the next films manage to at least live up to the kind of production quality that we saw in “Avatar”, they should be a worthy successor to the original, and should satisfy fans’ cravings for more amazing video effects and quality directing.

We should also see Jake Sully and Neytiri returning, thanks to a confirmation from Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana that they will be coming back for their respective roles. What’s more, Saldana actually claimed that she’s familiar with some aspects of the story, and she’s been discussing it with James Cameron, a process that was very emotional for both of them, but in the end led to a productive resolution of some plot issues.

avatar 2

This is a good indication that Cameron is trying to get everyone on board equally, instead of attempting to handle most of the work himself. He’s certainly surrounded by a lot of creative talent, so this can work out very well for the overall quality of the film.

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