HTC One M9 Will Be Powered By Snapdragon 810!

HTC is back on the top of the line smartphone map over the last few years with the release of the HTC One series of devices. Before that, HTC was hanging by a thread and seemingly about to be booted from the smartphone market just because they could not seem to release a smartphone worth talking about. All of that changed with the Android powered HTC One a few years ago. Now HTC is ready to release the HTC One M9 and if the rumored specs comes true, it will be one of the best phones to buy next year.

According to one online source, the phone will be released sometime in March of next year. For now that date has yet to be confirmed, but March is usually the time of the year that HTC brings a new smartphone so that is as good as confirmed based on history. The hardware and other specs that the phone is going to come with is another story. With so much speculation out there it is hard to determine what to actually expect.

If you just break down one of the sources, the phone will be powered by Android, bring 3GB of RAM to the table and will have a 20.7MP camera on the back side. Other than the size of the display and its resolution, the only other thing that everyone wants to know is what processor is going to be the power plant for the HTC One M9. The odds are very good that the brand new Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm is going to be installed, but HTC has yet to confirm that.

The Snapdragon 810 is a super fast, octa-core processor that has 4 cores clocked at 2GHz and 4 cores clocked at 1.5GHz. If that is paired up with the 3GB of RAM, you are going to have one mean smartphone on your hands. The display is rumored to be 5-inches in size and come with an FHD resolution. The camera on the back side will be a 20.7MP option, while the front facing camera is going to be a 4MP model to keep your selfies in high quality.

HTC One M9

Now that 4G LTE has been around a little while and it is available in just about every major city, it is time to think about the next option in cellular service. That would be VoLTE and according to one final source, the HTC One M9 will support that connection. VoLTE allows users to make calls over a data connection, even while they are using it to browse the web or watch streaming videos.

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