‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Promises to Bring More Excitement as Plotting for Frank’s Downfall Begins

There is a long way to go before Season 4 of the American political drama television series “House of Cards” airs on Netflix next year. However, even this early, all indications point to the fact that the upcoming fourth season would be more exciting compared to the rather slow and topsy-turvy pace that highlighted Season 3.

iDigital Times got wind of reports that the plot for Season 4 of “House of Cards” will basically revolve around the beginning of Frank Underwood’s downfall. Frank is the president of the United States in the series and he is deliciously played by Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey.

Accordingly, several characters that were around during the first two seasons of “House of Cards” shall make their returns to Season 4 to contribute in bringing Frank down from power and his lofty stature.

One of those returnees is Constance Zimmer, whose role shall be reprised by Janine Skorsky come Season 4.

Playing the defensive game

During most of the 13 episodes of Season 3 of the “House of Cards,” Frank was mostly on the defensive position, parrying all personal and political attacks against him and his position. He was never really threatened until the very last episode. And the good news is that he has not lost yet.

Based on the season finale, Claire Underwood will eventually evolve to become the villain in Season 4 of “House of Cards,” which was already expected by the show’s legions of fans. Given her position in the White House and what she knows about Frank, Claire has all the goods against the president to ensure his downfall.

But instead of plotting his downfall via political maneuverings, apparently journalism and media expose will do Frank Underwood in especially in the eyes of the American public and serve the justice that needed to be meted on him for his shady past as well as wheelings and dealings.

As Constance Zimmer is a journalist herself, this is where her role plays an important part in the downfall of Frank. Other than those key plot information, there are no further details with regards to the upcoming Season 4 of “House of Cards,” as the production company wants to keep a tight lid on information until production for the fourth season begins.

A good sign

A riveting plot is what “House of Cards” needs for Season 4 since Season 3’s biggest problem was the absence of the dark underbelly that highlighted the first two seasons, which made Season 3 really dreary and taxing to viewers.

There was hardly any intrigue during Season 3 and the nearest to being one is finding out that Doug is a creep. With the plot of Season 4 already out at this time, it looks like intrigues will be written all over it, which means more excitement and more storylines to chew on for viewers.

house of cards

It is expected that filming for Season 4 of “House of Cards” will begin by June and finish before the end of the year just like its production schedule for Season 3. Season 4 is expected to premiere on Netflix around February 2016.

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