‘Homeland’ Season 5 Will See Carrie Mathison Being Haunted by her Covert Affairs Days with the CIA!

Once a CIA always a CIA, that is basically the gist of the life of protagonist Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, in Season 5 of the American political thriller TV series “Homeland” when it returns on the Showtime network on October 4.

The tagline of the latest trailer of the very popular TV show clearly indicates it with the open-ended phrase ‘You can take the girl out of the CIA, but ..’

Based on the Season 4 finale of “Homeland,” Carrie has been estranged from the CIA and is out of the intelligence business. She has decided to live in Berlin, Germany to take on an entirely domestic role with radically different obligations at home and at work, along with her daughter Franny and a new boyfriend.

She will take on work in Berlin as head of security for a German philanthropist, but her covert affairs days will come back to haunt her, notes Breathecast.

Pulling her back to intelligence

Apparently, the intelligence business will pull back Carrie into its fold again as based on the trailer of “Homeland” for the upcoming Season 5, she will be kidnapped twice and she will also come in contact again with former colleagues at the CIA Saul, played by Mandy Patinkin, and Quinn, played by Rupert Friend.

It can be recalled from Season 4 that Saul has an axe to grind against Carrie because he was passed over for the position of director with the CIA because of her for some reasons.

Claire Danes, as Carrie Mathison, was recently spotted filming the TV series in Berlin, along with actress Miranda Otto, who will also be joining the cast of “Homeland” for Season 5.

Carrie was seen wearing a brunette bobbed wig looking casual in jeans, boots and a T-shirt as she meets up in a café Miranda Otto’s character who was in business attire wearing a dark blue skirt and nude heels, details the Daily Mail.

Two-year time jump

Season 5 of “Homeland” will feature a two-year time jump from the Season 4 finale. The 12-episode fifth season will pick up some 24 months after Carrie’s ill-fated tenure as CIA station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Aside from carrying on with her new life, Carrie will again find another love in Berlin through German actor Alexander Fehling, who is best known for his portrayal in “Inglorious Basterds.” Fehling will take on the role of Jonas Happich, who is a German lawyer.

Claire Danes has already won two Emmy and two Golden Globe awards since taking on the role of Carrie Mathison in 2011, and if the show continues to pack in the viewers, it is likely that the actress might pick up a couple more recognitions from award-giving bodies along the way.

Developed for American TV by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, the TV series is based on the original Israeli series “Prisoners of War” developed by Gideon Raff.


The TV series is admittedly being viewed by President Barrack Obama on his free time which means that “Homeland” is really worth watching and that seems to be the mission of the show producers when it returns for its fifth season next month.

Showtime chief David Nevins said that he thinks the fifth season of “Homeland” will feel fresh and that he expects that the show will stay put on the network for many years to come, alluding that the series is already good as renewed for Season 6 and beyond even before the start of the fifth season.

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