Halo 6 Release Date at E3 2017?

Fast paced fantasy first person shooter, Halo, is one of the world’s most known modern video games. Ever since 343 Industries took over the popular franchise in 2012. Most gamers were curious if they could live up to the expectations for a single game, let alone a total reigniting of the franchise.

However, 343 does not show signs of stopping production of Halo games any time soon. Unfortunately for developer and fans alike, there is some debate over the quality of the Games that 343 produces. With anticipation that the newest installment of Halo, Halo 6, will be given a release date next month, we consider what and when we will hear about the upcoming title.

Most recently, the Halo team at 343 industries has been working tirelessly on the final chapter of the Halo ‘Reclaimer Trilogy’. Halo 6 has been in the works since even before Halo 5 shipped, and as the team works toward fulfilling their goal of high quality games they hope to simultaneously build upon the legacy of the original trilogy of games.

However, fans have not had a huge amount of information on when the game will be released or the updated content that it will have. Likely, the delay is due to the level of quality the company looks to provide moving forward. But the company doesn’t plan to leave fans guessing for too much longer as forums are buzzing about next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Rumors are circulating gaming communities that Halo 6 is slotted to give a release date next month at one of the largest gaming conferences in the world.

It seems that starting so early on the title may have been a bit overambitious for the Halo team. It turned out that the most recent release in the Halo franchise, Halo 5, was not exactly what Halo fans were looking for in a first person shooter. The main complaint seemed to be 343 industries’ decision to focus on stabilizing the framerate of the multiplayer experience as opposed to giving players the variety they wanted in playing the game.

Most gamers are looking for a split screen experience from Halo, and even if they aren’t looking for it, they’ve come to expect it as Halo has been one of the most social first person shooters since the original release.

In a recent statement by the CEO of 343 Industries hinted that the team shifted gears toward giving the fans what they want. It stated in a press conference that Halo 6 “will not make the same mistake” as Halo 5. Perhaps the developer underestimated the backlash and had to take more time adding in additional features to get back to what the fans expect from the Halo franchise.

Luckily for 343, they had not promised an initial release date and are able to take their time perfecting the newest title before releasing it to the public. Also, getting a jump on production of the new title means that fans won’t be getting frustrated with the time between releases.

Overall, the company has put themselves in a good spot, and the only question left is if they will deliver at e3 or not. It is objectively the best venue for releasing information on any form of electronic entertainment, yet it is a high risk high reward type of exposure. Gaming fans are generally unforgiving and it is likely unwise to release information on the big stage if the game isn’t ready.

Looking over the schedule for E3 I’ve come some a description involving the Halo franchise that lies somewhere between hint and an outright spoiler. When commenting on the Microsoft slot at E3 the author writes:

Halo”It’s safe to expect the official reveal (complete with price and release date) of Microsoft’s next console, Scorpio, as well as more info on Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and other shooty games that may or may not involve Master Chief.”

I suppose each individual must interpret that for themselves, however, any Halo fan is clearly hoping for a great introduction to Halo 6 complete with an official release date. For more information on the title keep tabs on the E3 website.


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