Was American Crime Season 4 Cancelled?

Are the cops able to crack down on sex trafficking, illegal immigration, sex trafficking, the illegal drug trade and employers who abuse their employees? Has this show been canceled or renewed? Here is the news.

American Crime is a show that airs on the ABC television network and stars Regina King, Connor Jessup, Felicity Huffman, Richard Cabral, and Benito Martinez. Recurring roles belong to Cherry Jones, Sandra Oh, Tim DeKay, Dallas Roberts, Janel Moloney, Lili Taylor, Timothy Hutton, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Clayton Cardenas, and Mickaëlle X. Bizet. Season to season we get to see the same actors as different characters, giving serious social issues a new spin.

In the third season, Luis Salazar (played by Benito Martinez) travels from Mexico to the United States, with no documentation. While looking for his son who went missing, he discovers that modern servitude seems to be thriving in the farmlands. Workers live in poverty and they are required to pay for their own food and other essentials, so that little money they make ends up back in the pockets of their employers.

This corrupt arrangement leaves the workers in such debt, that they will never be able to leave. Sadly, undocumented workers are not the only ones targeted by this system. Many of the viewers had no idea that this was actually happening, so on that level, this show has always been a hit.

This show scored big at the Emmys in it’s first season, it got 10 nominations including Best Limited Series and a representative in each of the four acting categories. Felicity Huffman in Best Actress, Timothy Hutton in Best Actor, Richard Cabral in Supporting Actor and Regina King in Supporting Actress.

In that awards season, only King took home a prize for her role as the super-religious sister of a crime suspect.

Season 2 saw a decrease in Emmy nominations, but it still got four big ones – Best Limited Series, Huffman and Lili Taylor for Best Actress, and King for Supporting Actress. King was once more awarded at the Emmys as the show’s only victory, this time for the role of Terri LaCroix, the stubborn mother of a private school student.

We are not sure if season three will manage to fight its way into the nominations, let alone win any. This year’s competition is too serious – next to shows like “Big Little Lies,” “Feud: Bette and Joan,” “Fargo,” “The Night Of,” “Genius,” “The Young Pope” and “When We Rise” to compete with, American Crime has a very small chance to snag even the smallest of nominations.

We still have to wait and see, but since the show’s decline, it seems unlikely that even King and Huffman will get nominations this year. Why? Well, other shows upped the steaks this year, and these ladies have no chance against flashier contenders.

So, this anthology crime drama had three highly critically acclaimed seasons, but it seems that the viewers failed to see its value.

The most recent, third season drew minuscule ratings. It premiered with a very poor number, and they have only gotten worse. It averaged a 0.39 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.92 million viewers. Compared to season two that’s down by 58% and down by 48%. On the other hand, this show has always been an under-performer, and yet, it got to season 3. Have the numbers finally dropped too low for a renewal?

So, everyone started to wonder if this show will get to see a season 4.

Felicity Huffman, this franchise’s vet seemed prepared for the worst last month, stating “If there isn’t a Season 4, I’m so honored that this is our last season. I think ABC has changed the face of network TV and what network TV can do. … They are beyond what cable can do. Sometimes those things have a short shelf life, but the ripple effect is great.”

american crimeAt that same event, executive producer of American Crime, Michael McDonald revealed that a fourth season would have centered on „women in the workplace“, before citing the recent sexual harassment scandals that are enveloping Fox News and Uber as perfect examples.

And now, that ABC officially opted not to make a fourth installment, we can understand why these two seemed so ready for a cancellation. There were rumors about a 6-episode fourth season, but that will apparently not come to pass. The most decorated broadcast drama series on the air this season, made by John Ridley is leaving forever.

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