Half Life 3 Fans Organises Crowd Funded Campaign To Make Valve Notice Their Demands

Fans of Half Life have launched a crowd financed campaign that aims at forcing Valve to start working on Half Life 3. The crowd-funded campaign for Half Life 3 is backed by advertising agency McKee Wallwork & Company.

The fans aim at raising $150,000 to force Valve to launch Half Life 3, a game the fans have been desperately waiting for. The fan boys of Half Life 3 have some crazy ideas up their sleeves for the crowd-funded campaign.

The advertising for Half Life 3 would be so massive that the fans are determined to reach each and every member of Valve. How do they aim to reach all the employees of Valve? The fans have plans for this. Once the campaign reaches the $3,000 mark, they will launch a Google AdWord campaign, especially for the Valve employees. The ad would state the simple yet effective line: “WE WANT HALF-LIFE 3.”

When the campaign reaches $9,000 they will use a truck with a giant billboard, with the campaign phrase and have it circling Bellevue, Washington, where the office of Valve is situated. They would continue this until Valve takes some action about Half Life 3. If the funded campaign reaches a whopping $45,000, the campaigners plan to hire fifteen Gabe Newell doppelgangers and send them to the Valve headquarters with “WE WANT HALF-LIFE 3” t-shirts.

On reaching the target amount of $150,000, the crowd-funded Half Life 3 campaign aims at organising a music concert with the biggest names from the world of video games music. Organisers plan to invite all the employees of Valve for it, along with their families.

The organisers of the crowd-funded campaign, Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei said that all the proceeds go towards convincing Valve for Half Life 3, and they are not making any profits out of it. The donors get a personalised ‘Thank You’ card on donating $5; a “WE WANT HALF-LIFE 3” pin on donating $15 or more and a donation of $75 gets you a t-shirt along with the other perks.

Half Life 3

There are mixed reviews about this campaign. Some are of the opinion that it is bordering on stalking, with the Valve employees being under constant watch by the organisers. However, the organisers claim that everything is being done on a friendly note. They just want to show the creators of Half Life that even after a decade since Half Life 2 was launched, there are fans that are waiting for the next instalment.

Do you think this crowd financed campaign is of any good? Do you think Valve will act upon it after seeing the massive demand for Half Life 3? Leave behind your comments in the section given below.

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