‘Half Life 3’ Appears Next to Nothing Amid Persistent Rumors

Some 11 years after the last first-person shooter video game “Half Life” was released, fans have since been very eager to see Gordon Freeman in action for some new missions. Rumors that the third installment of the franchise will finally be unveiled later this year or early next year have been all over the internet. Christian Today reports that the game title is always on the wish list of keen video gamers, especially now that virtual reality is a hit among PC games.

There have been countless speculations about the game’s development, features, and release, making hardcore “Half Life” fans look forward to an official announcement from game developer Valve Corporation. The rumor mill on “Half Life 3” started going around when an alleged logo for the game was leaked on the internet some time ago.

The image went viral immediately, creating the notion that Valve is already working on the next installment of the video game franchise. The logo has since been taken down from the site, but a lot of fans were expecting that the development team at Valve was to make an official announcement during last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015. However, no announcement has been made regarding the game during the event, much to the disappointment of expecting “Half Life 3” fans and gamers.

According to Christian Today, the developers behind “Left 4 Dead” and “Counter-Strike” did address the alleged “Half Life 3” logo saying that Valve was not behind its creation. But fans believe that the people behind the “Half Life” project were definitely up to something, but it was eventually cancelled.

According to Ecumenical News, it could be possible that Valve is setting up a possible crossover between “Portal” and “Half Life,” with the latter being set in the former’s universe. The report claims that the hybrid of two games tends to be a safer route for Valve since “Portal” was said to have used elements of “Half Life” a couple of times. According to the Day Herald, rumors suggest that “Half Life 3” will be set in an open-world type of environment, allowing the game to shift into a role-playing game instead of its signature first-person shooter gameplay.

Valve programmer Jeep Barnett was candid enough to clear up speculations about the upcoming game during an interview at E3 2015. Barnett says that Valve is not killing the possibility of a “Half Life 3,” but admits they still don’t know what the right thing is yet. He adds that time is their most precious resource for the game and without a lot of it, the game is pretty much not going to materialize.

The programmer’s statements were seconded by statements from Valve bigwig Gabe Newell, saying that Valve will release “Half Life 3” if and when the company decides to do so. Newell disclosed that the only reason they would opt to do a sequel to the classic franchise is if people behind the first and second “Half Life” games would have a solid reason to create a third installment.

Recently, YouTube channel site The Know uploaded a video containing rumors about the game. The video contains predictions and plausible ideas and plots for upcoming video games. So far, it was correct with its predictions regarding “Dark Souls 3” and “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” but it was wrong in declaring that Microsoft was to buy “Silent Hills” from Konami. Microsoft overtly denied that they would purchase the survival horror game from its Japanese game developer.

Half-Life 3

The 15-minute video also touched on the topic of “Half Life 3,” claiming that The Know has inside sources which spilled details on why the game continues to be a figment of imagination. The two persons in the video were also the ones to break the news that “Half Life 3” will not be happening, much to fans’ dismay.

The video explains two possible reasons why fans won’t get to see “Half Life 3.” First is that Valve is already generating such huge income from Steam and their microtransactions that devoting their resources to another “Half Life” game won’t be rational, financial-wise.

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