‘GTA Online’ Next Update to Enable Players to Change the Sex of Their Playable Characters!

It seems that the previous rumors that the next installment to the open-world action adventure video game franchise “Grand Theft Auto” will have female lead characters are slowly shaping up to be real.

This develops as Rockstar Games have hinted the next update to “GTA Online” will come with the highly awaited Rockstar Editor where players can customize a lot of the features of the game. However, there is still no definite date as to when exactly will the update come. According to avid “GTA Online” gamers, it is possible that the next update to the online multiplayer version of “GTA 5” will happen in September.

But Rockstar Games is adamant about its own timeline and release schedule, leaving so-called game experts and leakers to speculations all over again, which have become the norm for every update coming from the New York-based game developer.

According to “GTA Online” expert and YouTuber DomisLive, Rockstar is gearing up for a new content release based on a new folder called ‘DLCPacks4’ that was found on the Rockstar Games server.

Another leaker named funmw2, on the other hand, said that the next update to “GTA Online” will enable players to change the sex of their character from either male to female or from female to male, notes iDigital Times.

The International Business Times of UK adds that players can now undertake plastic or cosmetic surgery to change the appearances or undergo gender changes for their main playable characters in “GTA Online.”

It has also been confirmed that Rockstar support agents might offer the option to interested “GTA Online” gamers through special forum requests.

What the update will bring

In addition to the Rockstar Editor that shall come both to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One gaming consoles, the next update to “GTA Online” will also feature gameplay changes and functionality to PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

Some of the updates, which shall come in the form of a DLC, include ambient audio and sound effects library, snapmatic integration, director mode updates, copy and paste marker properties, new fonts, a new Online Freemode, and a total of 12 new vehicles.

The vehicles that will come with the next update have already been leaked on the internet including the Moonbeam, the Primo, the Faction, the Virgo, the Clean Voodoo, the Sabre GT, the Faction 3, the Virgo 3, the Virgo 2, the Chino, the Tornado, and the Slamvan.

There are also rumors going around that the next DLC update to “GTA Online” will come with an official title “Low Riders.”

Previous DLC

The last DLC that came to “GTA Online” was the two-part content known as “Ill-Gotten Gains” released on June 10 and on July 8.

When the “Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2” DLC was released by Rockstar Games to the multiplayer mode of the very popular open-world action adventure video game on July 8, it brought along high-end cars, luxury items and accessories, new and unforgiving guns, as well as tattoos too.

Among the vehicles that came with the DLC included the Coil Brawler, a luxury-sports-styled off-roader with raised suspension and a 400-horsepower engine that muscles its way over any types of terrain.

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For those who desire speed, the Progen T20 also became available. It is the fastest car ever to arrive in Los Santos. There is also the Vapid Chino, which brought some old school sedan brawn to the gamers’ vehicle collection. And there is also the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle that infused agility and speed as it featured kinetic energy recovery system that stores energy from braking while delivering a burst of speed upon activation.

These vehicles plus hundreds of luxury clothes and accessories enabled a career criminal to celebrate his success while standing out among the crowd. The DLC also came with three new horns, 15 new tattoo designs, and two new weapons.

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  1. I was hoping Rockstar would include being able to add your own music to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but I guess not?

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