GTA 6 Rumors And Other Speculation Start To Heat Up, Release Date Far Away!

We all know how successful the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise has been for Rockstar games. The games have become more real and deep in terms of gameplay and the expansions have given loyal gamers something to play while they wait for the next release. Because the games are becoming so realistic, the development is taking much longer as developer take their time to create new, longer campaigns for the players to enjoy for the life of the game.

Unfortunately, the life of the game is not very long these days and as the video game industry grows with each year, the gamers all over the world are demanding more from developers. Because of this, popular games like GTA 6 are not released each year. Instead, the developers take their time and it could be up to five years between releases. None of us know what really goes into a game, but games like any of them in the Grand Theft Auto franchise were developed on a long weekend.

The latest installment, GTA 6 has been in the new recently and it is not because the release date is this holiday season. Almost as soon as the fifth game was released and played for a little while, the next installment was rumored and fans took to the internet to post about what they are hoping to find in the next game. With millions of gamers talking at the same time, from all around the world, it is impossible to get all of the requests into one game.

With that being said, the rumors and other speculation of the game has started to pick up online. Without any confirmation from developers or anyone that is familiar with the development of the game, a release date has been issued online. That date, which is not until 2018, is just a rumor at this point, but it is giving fans something to plan for. According to another source, the game will take place in 2018 with a playable map that resembles the United States. At this point, without confirmation from the company, both could be true.


After the initial release of Grand Theft Auto back in the day, the second and the third were released very quickly after that. The problem being that all three were likely developed at the same time and were already done before the release of each to the public. That is a great way to test the waters with a new game and now that it has become one of the most popular games of all time, it is time to start thinking about where the game can go. Developers have commented in the past about have more than forty years worth of content for the game, making fans believe it could go on forever.

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